Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale recap: Everything changes

In the Season 2 finale of Once Upon a Time, “And Straight on Till Morning,” the countdown starts for the destruction of Storybrooke and once it’s over, there are many questions to be asked for Season 3.

Once Upon a Time season 2 finale "And Straight on Till Morning" review

Looking back on the finale

I have to say that I really loved Hook’s (Colin O’Donoghue) and Baelfire’s (Dylan Schmid) story in this episode. It was interesting to see that it was Bae who actually sent Hook farther down on his path for revenge. Hook’s heart was broken after Bae’s mother’s death, but Bae gave him a reason to start thinking about moving forward and I thought it was incredibly sweet that Hook wanted to become a father to Bae as a way to honor the love of his life. How poignant was it then that Bae’s refusal to stay was the final straw that broke Hook’s back all those many years ago? But back in Storybrooke, once Hook hears that Neal (Michael Raymond-James) is gone, he realizes he has to move forward at some point and volunteers to help look for Henry (Jared Gilmore).

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Another great part of the episode was the convoluted family that is David (Josh Dallas), Mary Margaret Ginnifer Goodwin), Emma (Jennifer Morrison), Regina (Lana Parrilla), Gold (Robert Carlyle) and Henry. It was wonderful to see them all working together toward a common goal to save the town and I was very touched when Regina offered to sacrifice herself for the good of all. I was more than a bit surprised when Emma jumped in and added her powers to Regina’s, but I guess that bodes well for them in the future. If Emma can learn to harness her powers, perhaps that will be helpful on their hunt for Henry.

Speaking of Henry, I was a tad disappointed to see him kidnapped and whisked away to another land because, well, didn’t we just spend most of this season with part of the family in another land and the rest of them trying to figure out how to rescue them? But those feelings were mostly overshadowed by the prospect of seeing everyone in Neverland working together to rescue him. Also, I am absolutely tickled by the fact that Peter Pan is not a cute, sweet boy but a dangerous enemy.

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Questions for Season 3 

Now that the Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale is over, it’s time to look ahead to Season 3. Once the credits rolled on the finale, I found myself asking a lot of questions about where the show is headed next season.

How soon will they get out of Neverland? Once Upon a Time season 2 finale "And Straight on Till Morning" review

We saw Hook’s ship dive through the portal to Neverland, but how long until they find Henry and come back to Storybrooke? Without another magic bean they’ll have to find another powerful piece of magic to get them back, and there’s no telling how soon that could happen. It makes me wonder if that group could spend the whole season wandering around Neverland.

Why does Peter Pan want Henry?

This is perhaps the biggest question of them all. Peter Pan has been searching for Henry for a very long time, before Henry was even born. Does Peter Pan have a prophecy of his own that names “the boy” as the one that will be Pan’s undoing? Or could Henry be some sort of magical property in his own right and therefore bring power to someone who knows how to use him?

Will everyone continue to get along?

As they sailed off into danger together with one goal in mind, our little ragtag team of former enemies and estranged family members was getting along fairly well. Once they get to Neverland, old habits could prove to die hard at the first sign of trouble, though. Or maybe alliances will be dropped once Henry is found. It all leaves me wondering how soon until some of the group are at each other’s throats again.

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How soon will they find out that Neal is alive?

Everyone was devastated by the loss of Neal — even more people than I’d originally thought would be. Everyone on that ship has reason to mourn Neal’s death and all would be elated to find out he’s alive, but with them going to Neverland and Neal in the Enchanted Forest, how soon until they find out he’s there and try to rescue him as well? Or will next season be about watching the now grown-up Bae/Neal deal with being back in his homeland?

What do you think now that you’ve seen the Once Upon a Time Season 2 finale? Got any questions of your own that you’ll be asking before Season 3 begins next fall?

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