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Revolution recap: “The Longest Day

Tonight was the episode of love. Not only did romance finally start to blossom between Charlie and Jason, but Miles and Nora reconnect as well. Not to mention, Aaron and Rachel seem oddly chummy. We kinda like it.

Miles and Nora in Revolution

Everyone’s pairing up on Revolution tonight except Monroe. He’s still as paranoid and emotionless as ever.

After sleeping with Miles (Billy Burke), Nora is upset. She thinks they’ll end up watching one another die in the war and doesn’t want to complicate things.

Planes fly over the rebel camp. Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) sounds the alarm bell, but she’s too late. The Militia begins firing missiles. After the strike, Militia soldiers raid the rebel camp, and Charlie and Jason (JD Pardo) are missing.

Miles, Nora and Tom search for Charlie and Jason. The group finds Jason first. He is badly injured and tells them Charlie was in the lookout building when the missiles were fired. He doesn’t know if she is dead or alive.

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Rachel focuses on Monroe

Aaron and Rachel don’t know why Aaron is somehow the key to the power. She uses the nanite chip in a risky procedure to heal her leg because Aaron won’t leave her.

After Rachel’s leg heals, the two are kidnapped by a group of armed men. The kidnappers take them to a village where one of the men has a sick son. Aaron wants to help the son, but Rachel is sticking to the mission. She wants to focus on defeating Monroe and nothing else.

In a flashback, we see Rachel approach Miles while he was still part of the Militia. She turns herself over to him. Miles tells her they’re going to retrieve Ben anyway. Though she says she doesn’t know where Ben is hiding, appeals to Miles are futile.

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Is Monroe peeing in bottles?Tom Neville fights Militia soldiers in Revolution

Meanwhile, Monroe (David Lyons) still doesn’t trust anyone. His new captain, Jeremy, is worried about him and tells him he’s acting a bit insane. (Jeremy puts it lightly, but basically tells Monroe he’s worried Monroe is turning into Howard Hughes.) After an assassination attempt, Monroe blames Jeremy and has him killed. Anything that happens only makes Monroe feel even more suspicious of everyone around him.

The soldiers end up catching the Georgian spy responsible for the assassination attempt on Monroe. He was acting alone. Monroe killed Jeremy for nothing.

Side note: Is the show just going to keep pretending the Monroe-has-a-baby side story didn’t ever happen? This is the second episode where they haven’t mentioned it at all. They haven’t even presented an opportunity to shed some more light on this child. Monroe has hardly been in the last few episodes except to bark a few angry orders about taking down the world. What was the point of presenting this information if they weren’t going to take it anywhere this season?

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Jason and Charlie finally heat things up

Charlie is alive and manages to escape the building where she was trapped. Militia soldiers surround her but Miles saves the day, and the two escape. Nora, however, is nowhere to be found.

Jason also gets away from the Militia soldiers thanks to help from his dad who took a bullet in the shoulder to save his son.

Charlie is waiting by Jason’s hospital bedside once everyone is to safety, and the two share a romantic kiss. Well, it would have been romantic, if Tom hadn’t been watching from the hallway giving them evil looks.

The president of the Georgia Federation is considering surrender unless Miles has a better idea.

Nora has been captured by the Militia. She is tossed at the feet of Monroe.

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