Q&A With Sean Lowe: Boots No7 Men and life post-Bachelor

SheKnows caught up with former Dancing with the Stars contestant Sean Lowe, who not only discussed how he keeps his relationship with Catherine strong and intact but also talked about a very exciting project in his life — his partnership with the Boots No7 Men skin care line.

Q&A With Sean Lowe
Sean Lowe at the Boots No7 Men launch

SheKnows: Why should men choose No7 Men over other skin care brands? What do you love about it?

Sean Lowe: If I’ve learned anything from Hollywood, it’s that you need to take care of your skin (especially if you are showing it on TV)! It’s really important that I moisturize and wear SPF every day — I mean, you want your skin to look young.

I love No7 Men because the collection is straightforward and makes it easy for me to take care of my skin without having to put a lot of time or thought into it. It makes my skin feel good — my face is fresh!

Also, I appreciate that the collection is affordable — everything is under $25!

SK: Now that you’ve partnered with No7 Men, I’m sure you use the products all the time. So who now spends more time in front of the mirror in the mornings getting ready for the day: you or Catherine?

SL: (Laughs) I don’t know if I can say for certain! I do know No7 Men simplifies things by creating dual-action products so that it cuts back on the time I need to spend getting ready. For example, the Protect & Perfect Intense moisturizer also has SPF in it, or the Energising Hair & Body Wash is two in one.

SK: Will ladies love No7 Men on their men? What’s Catherine’s opinion of it?

SL: I think so! I’ve been using the products, and I can definitely see the differences. Let’s just say Catherine isn’t complaining.

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Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici at the Boots No7 for Men launchSK: How is the wedding planning going?

SL: No update on the wedding. Dancing with the Stars has been so time-consuming, but either way, we both just want a big party that’s fun for everybody!

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SK: What are you guys doing to keep your bond strong, since so many other Bachelor couples have found it hard to stay together post-show?

SL: I make sure to make Catherine feel like she’s part of everything in my life and she is involved with everything going on.

SK: Do you think you’ll ever move back to Texas, or are you guys going to stay in Los Angeles?

SL: I don’t know. I still have my business back home — we do custom furniture, which keeps me busy — but I don’t know what lies ahead. It’s kind of exciting. We’ll probably stay in L.A. for a little while at least; it’d be nice to eventually make my way back to Dallas, though.

SK: What’s been the biggest challenge for your relationship since the show ended?

SL: There’s always speculation! I knew rumors were going to circulate after the show. We just do our best to avoid the tabloids.

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