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The Vampire Diaries recap: “The Walking Dead

Bonnie drops the veil and wants to destroy Silas while simultaneously keeping Jeremy with the living. The spell, however, has deadly consequences.

Elena in The Vampire Diaries

Tonight’s episode of The Vampire Diaries was the last before the season finale next week. With this explosive episode, it’s going to be a long week waiting for the season finale.

Elena (Nina Dobrev) is obsessing over her goal to kill Katherine and any effort to distract her only makes her even angrier.

Bonnie wants to drop the veil just long enough to contact Qetsiyah and discover how to stop Silas for good. She meets with Katherine and performs a binding spell so Katherine has to stay close to Bonnie. Bonnie doesn’t want to risk Katherine being influenced by Silas. The spell also has a caveat. Anything that happens to Katherine will also happen to Bonnie and vice versa.

Bonnie heads to the three massacre sites as part of the ritual to connect them so she can drop the veil. At the last site, the connection is complete.

The power goes out throughout the town.

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So much for the veil

Caroline’s mom tracks where the power outages originated. Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) recognize the points as the three massacre sites. They know Bonnie is doing a spell. They also figure out Bonnie is with Katherine because a friend from school sees them and mistakenly thinks it’s Elena.

Damon tells Elena that Katherine is with Bonnie.

Caroline and Stefan search the school for Bonnie. Bonnie is in the basement. Katherine gives Bonnie Silas’ tombstone, which is filled with the calcified blood of Qetsiyah. The blood begins running from the tombstone as Bonnie holds it.

The veil is successfully dropped. But because of Bonnie’s spell, it is only dropped within the expression triangle.

Damon gets his drinking buddy back

Damon won’t let Elena go to where Bonnie is because he’s afraid Elena won’t be able to control her rage. Elena stabs Damon in the stomach and runs off.

Damon is trying to pull the stake from his stomach when Alaric shows up and offers to help. Damon knows the veil is dropped. Alaric explains not every ghost has a reason to come back to Mystic Falls. Damon is worried about the ones looking for their enemies.

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Elena nearly kills her best friendKatherine in The Vampire Diaries

Matt and Rebekah are the only ones at Mystic Grill and have a moment. We definitely smell romance in the air. But Kol breaks up the flirting. He wants revenge. Since Jeremy is dead, he is focusing his rage toward Elena.

Back at the school, Bonnie is trying to reach out to Qetsiyah. Katherine hears someone coming. Bonnie lets her go see who is there. Katherine thinks it’s Silas. But it’s Elena, and she stabs Katherine. Since Bonnie is linked with Katherine, she also gets stabbed.

Stefan and Caroline find Bonnie. Bonnie tells them about the spell she did to link herself to Katherine.

Stefan stops Elena just before she kills Katherine. Stefan explains that Katherine and Bonnie are linked so Elena almost killed her best friend.

From Silas to stone

Rebekah finds Caroline in the back of the Mystic Grill. She is continually cutting her wrist. She’s been compelled. Turns out, Silas is pretending to be Caroline and has found Bonnie. Silas has had Bonnie under his finger this whole time. He was only pretending to be a monster. That’s only what Silas wanted Bonnie to see. Bonnie thought she could betray Silas, but he tells her he will always be one step ahead.

Elena goes to Jeremy’s grave alone, and Kol finds her.

Bonnie’s grandmother shows up to help her. Bonnie doesn’t know how to put Silas down. Bonnie’s grandmother tells her expression is a manifestation of her will. Bonnie can do anything. She is strong enough.

Silas pretends to be Alaric, but Damon catches on right away. He binds him with a metal chain around his neck.

Bonnie uses expression to turn Silas to stone.

Jeremy returns to the living

Meanwhile, Kol is beating up Elena.

Jeremy shows up just before Kol kills Elena. Stefan shows up too and snaps Kol’s neck.

Elena sees Jeremy and throws herself at him in a hug.

With the return of Jeremy, Elena recognizes her misplaced anger. Elena apologizes to Bonnie. Bonnie forgives her and says they can talk later. Bonnie promises to give Elena and Jeremy as much time as she can.

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Damon has the cure

Alaric tells Damon he found something in Silas’ pocket before Silas turned to stone. He hands it over to Damon. It’s the cure. Damon doesn’t know what he’s supposed to do with it. Alaric tells him to get the girl.

Bonnie’s grandmother tells her to put the veil back up. Her grandmother tells her she can’t keep Jeremy here. She doesn’t want Bonnie to use expression, but Bonnie allows it to consume her anyway. She does a spell to keep Jeremy with the living and passes out.

Bonnie wakes up. Her grandmother is there and tells her she’s sorry. The spell was just too much for Bonnie to handle. Bonnie looks around and sees her body lying on the ground. Bonnie is dead.

Alexander, Rebekah’s ex, shows up in Mystic Falls. He’s a vampire hunter, and he sees Rebekah. Other ghosts from the past also return — ghosts who are bent on vengeance.

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