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Glee recap: “All or Nothing

After New Directions’s regional victory, a wedding surprises everyone. We knew it was coming. We just never saw it happening in the last two minutes of the season finale.

The glee club performs at regionals

Glee knows how to go out with a bang. We got some answers like the identity of Ryder’s mystery girl and what’s in store for Brittany’s future, but is it enough to get gleeks through to Season 5?

The episode begins with MIT offering Brittany a surprising proposition. (Though we don’t find out what it is until later.) 

Back in glee club, the New Directions are prepping for regionals. Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) announces the competition will be hosted at McKinley High. In the middle of rehearsal, Ryder snaps and demands to know Katie’s identity. He refuses to participate in the competition unless the person steps forward. Marley says it was her. Ryder is so upset that he storms out of glee club.

In New York, Rachel (Lea Michele) goes to her callback for Funny Girl.

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Song #1: Celine Dion’s “To Love You More”

Rachel kills the audition. All the judges say is they’ll let her know. The show doesn’t let us in on the answer either. (The first disappointment of the night.) Here’s to waiting for Season 5.

Brittany returns to McKinley but suddenly has a diva attitude after her trip to MIT. She even breaks up with Sam via text and demands all the solos at regionals or she won’t perform.

Song #2: Muppet Movie’s “The Rainbow Connection”

Blaine still plans on proposing to Kurt and goes ring shopping. While shopping, Blaine meets a woman named Jan who is a lesbian. Jan tells Blaine that if it’s true love, he should be with Kurt. She offers to show Blaine what’s possible when two people really love each other. Blaine agrees. He and Kurt meet at Breadsticks with Jan and her partner Elizabeth.

While they are dining at Breadsticks, Jan talks about how times are changing, with the big Supreme Court decision and states legalizing gay marriage. Jan proposes to Elizabeth and she accepts.

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Song #3: Zedd’s “Clarity”Rachel auditions for Funny Girl in Glee

Sam is so worried about Brittany that he calls Santana. He asks for her help. He tells her something is wrong. Santana travels to McKinley.

Marley tries to talk to Ryder. She apologizes and tells him not to take it out on glee club. Ryder wants an explanation. Unique hears this and admits she is the real Katie. Marley was covering for her. Unique says she reached out to Ryder originally because she liked him but was self-conscious. She tells Ryder she really doesn’t want to lose what they have. Ryder says they don’t have anything. He doesn’t want to talk to Unique ever again.

Santana arrives at McKinley and talks to Brittany. Brittany tells Santana her secret.

Regionals begin.

Song #4: Little Mix’s “Wings”

Ryder says he will perform with the New Directions but, after that, he’s leaving glee club.

The Hoosierdaddies, featuring Frida Romero (Jessica Sanchez), sing on stage. This performance was chockfull of great dancing and was my personal favorite of the night.

Song #5: The Script’s “Hall of Fame”

Brittany shows up at regionals.

Brittany spills to the New Directions that she got offered early admission to MIT. They want her to leave immediately, which is why she’s been acting so strange. She says her entire life people have told her she was stupid, but glee club made her believe in herself. She is sad to have to leave.

The New Directions perform.

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Song #6: Icona Pop’s “I Love It”

Second place goes to The Hoosierdaddies.

And the New Directions win regionals.

Song #7: Glee original song called “All or Nothing”

Nationals will be in Los Angeles.

After the competition, everyone is gathered in the choir room.

Emma shows up with a preacher, much to the surprise of the kids.

Emma and Mr. Schue throw an impromptu wedding in the glee club. And we’ll call them Wemma. (The preacher said it, not me.)

It’s about time those two got hitched.

So what do you think? Did the season finale give you the answers you wanted or are you craving more?

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