Music review: Chris Brown "I Can't Win"

May 7, 2013 at 10:15 a.m. ET

Chris Brown debuted this introspective track that highlights the pitfalls of a dwindling relationship. It doesn't take a genius to guess who this is about...

Chris Brown

I wonder if Chris Brown woke up one morning and thought, "I want to air out my dirty laundry for all to see."

Actually, I wonder if he thinks that every morning seeing as he uses Twitter and Instagram more than his peroxide. He rants frequently, and actually thinks seemingly seldom. But I'll hold my bias and cut the guy some momentary relief, and focus on reviewing the track.

So, Taylor Swift does it. Katy Perry did it. Joe Jonas is guilty, too. What do they have in common with Chris Brown? Not-so-subtle songs about their exes.

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If you're an entertainment junkie like I am, you'll know that Chris Brown yesterday came clean to Australia's 2Day radio show about being single.

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Let's hope Rihanna heard before then.

She definitely may have noticed a glaring red flag when he dropped this song, though — which isn't featured on his upcoming album. Based on that alone, it sounds like the song is just a means to vent, doesn't it? I mean check out these loaded lyrics:

"I'm not trying to waste our love
I'm just trying to save what's left of it
One day, one day my love
You gon' realized that you [messed] up"

So... it's Rihanna's fault? I'll stay out of the politics with that, and describe this track as a deep reflection of his own conflicted heart. The woman in this lyrical story is confused herself and he makes note of that. The most powerful line is when Brown sings:

"Girl, you don't love me, you don't love yourself"

Those are some pretty heavy lyrics for Brown, who knows how to make music sound good, but the song possesses a different degree of sincerity. This is an Auto-Tuned dance single that sounds upbeat, but truly has a dark undertone.

Perez Hilton reported that the star unfollowed the Barbadian singer on Twitter and then followed his ex, (which, in the real world, sounds pathetic and is not a big deal) but in Twitterland, this is serious, like a yo mama joke.

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The new album, X, that won't feature this controversial single is out in stores on July 16.

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