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Revolution recap: “The Love Boat

Turns out he isn’t just the lovable sidekick. Thanks to his MIT education and Google genius, Aaron is much more than meets the eye and, apparently, the key to turning the power back on.

Neville threatens Charlie in Revolution

After all the drama that occurred on the previous episode of Revolution, tonight’s episode was a bit of a breather. There wasn’t a single mention of the baby bomb that was dropped last week just before Monroe and Miles’ love, Emma, was killed.

Tonight, the show instead focused on Miles’ struggle to stay good amid becoming a general again. We also saw Rachel and Aaron continue their journey. And Rachel revealed a key piece of information that suddenly makes Aaron a lot more than the lovable sidekick.

Neville is back in action

The episode begins with Captain Neville joining the rebels at President Foster’s command. Neville reveals to Miles (Billy Burke) that Monroe (David Lyons) is weaponizing anthrax and utilizing a man named Dr. Ethan Camp to get the job done.

Miles and the gang make plans to stop Dr. Camp before Monroe gets his hands on the anthrax.

Information aside, Nora and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) are not thrilled about Neville joining the team. They both just want to kill the guy and be done with it. Miles takes on the dictator general role and tells them to either get in line or not help with the mission.

The group heads out on a Georgia Federation steamboat masquerading as a fishing vessel.

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Rachel and Aaron get desperate

Rachel and Aaron enter the Thompson Tribal Lands. They haven’t eaten in four days, but no one will trade with them. In a desperate act, Rachel steals some food. She’s caught, though, and apologies. But the man isn’t having it. He holds a gun at Aaron and Rachel and tells them to get on their knees. Before he can shoot them, Rachel is able to pull out a gun of her own and kill the man. They flee, knowing others will soon come after them. During the chase, Rachel falls and breaks her leg.

Aaron manages to carry her to the safety of an old truck. Rachel tells Aaron he has to leave her and go to the tower on his own. Aaron refuses and tends to Rachel’s leg.

The men find Rachel and Aaron inside the car. Aaron stabs one of the men. Rachel manages to shoot the other.

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Love leaves the boatNeville joins the Georgia Federation in Revolution

The rebels apprehend Dr. Camp. Turns out, the only reason he is helping Monroe is because the Militia has his wife and daughter. Miles explains that they also apprehended Dr. Camp’s family, but Miles won’t let the doctor reunite with them. He wants Dr. Camp to work for the rebels. If he cooperates, down the line he may get to see his family again.

Charlie and Nora are disgusted by the whole situation. Nora so much so that she tells Miles she’s leaving to another unit.

As the rebels head back down the river, the steamboat is flagged for a routine inspection by the Monroe Republic.

Neville herds Charlie and the doctor inside a hidden room. Neville aims his gun at Dr. Camp’s head and explains they can’t allow the Monroe Republic to get their hands on the doctor again. If the rebels can’t have him, no one can. This prompts Charlie to draw her gun on Neville.

The Monroe Republic doesn’t find anything except a shell casing. The boat’s captain pays off the soldiers and they leave.

Once they are out of the hidden room, Neville hits Charlie with his gun for threatening him. Miles interferes just in time and tells Neville never to touch Charlie.

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Miles struggles with the dark side

Charlie wants Miles to let the family, including Dr. Camp, go. Miles refuses so Charlie locks him in his room.

With the help of Jason and Nora, Charlie is able to see the family to safety.

Just when it looks like they’re in the clear, Neville appears and draws his gun. Jason tells his father he hates him.

Then, the Monroe Republic starts shooting at the steamboat. Miles shows up just in time. He realizes Nora and Charlie are right and helps the family escape to safety, leaving Neville to fend for himself on the boat.

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Nora makes her decision

Two days later, Neville finds Miles and demands to know where Dr. Camp is located. Miles says President Foster doesn’t care about Neville’s pride.

Nora goes to Miles. She has decided to stay. She arrives at his room wearing an old shirt, which she has unbuttoned, and her underwear. She straddles Miles and they start to kiss. She tells him he isn’t such a bad guy.

Aaron is the key to the tower

Rachel still wants Aaron to leave her. She says he’s the one who must go to the tower. Rachel gives Aaron Grace’s journal and tells him to go to page 74. He finds that he is listed in the journal. Rachel doesn’t know why but she knows Aaron is the key to turning the power back on.

At the end of the episode, we see Grace working in a room guarded by a soldier. The soldier wants to check out the elevator Grace has been working on. He goes down to the seventh floor before the elevator stops. Grace hears the man’s terrible screams. Then, the elevator returns to level one. All we see is a splatter of blood on the door and Grace’s horrified expression.

We’ve gone from nukes to anthrax. Now there’s this whole death-by-elevator thing with Grace. Who knows which weapon of mass destruction Monroe will utilize next.

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