Um, did Prince Harry just reveal the royal baby’s sex?

Prince Harry reportedly leaked the royal baby’s gender. Did he really spill the beans, or is it all an elaborate plan to keep us guessing?

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Prince Harry reveals the royal baby's sex

Kate Middleton and Prince William are working overtime to keep the details about their royal baby a secret, but someone close to them might have thwarted their efforts.

Like, really close.

Prince Harry has been telling everyone Wills and Kate are having a boy and how thrilled he is at the prospect of having a little nephew,” a source told the U.K. Sunday People.

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“He said the whole family were excited about it. Apparently Kate has always wanted a boy. The close inner circle all know that it’s a boy and they’re busily buying gifts with a boy theme. There will be an awful lot of blue in their house.”


This news completely contradicts all of the rumors we’ve heard about the royal baby being a girl. The Duchess of Cambridge even seemed to confirm it while accepting a gift from a fan in March.

“According to [ITV Royal news producer Georgina] Brewer, Kate took the toy and said, ‘Thank you I’ll give that to my d…’ and stopped herself,” The Daily Beast’s Tom Sykes wrote in March.

But, then she hinted that the royal bump might contain a boy during a St. Patrick’s Day 2013 event.

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“Kate was chatting to them about prams and one of the girls said she had just bought a Bugaboo. Kate said she had as well, a light blue one,” a source told the U.K. Daily Mirror in March.

But, maybe Wills and Kate are just trolling us all with all the baby talk.

“Kate and William are really enjoying the speculation but are keen not to give the game away,” a source told the Mirror.

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One thing’s for sure: They won’t be telling Uncle Harry the names they’ve picked out.

They’re really working hard on baby names now and think they have it sorted,” a source added to The Mirror.

“But they won’t reveal anything to ­anyone — not even Harry.”

Smart move!

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