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Lindsay Lohan: “Rehab is pointless

Lindsay Lohan is adamant that she doesn’t need rehab, despite loads of evidence to the contrary.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan is now safely tucked away at the Betty Ford clinic after a minor freakout concerning the facility her former lawyer wanted her to attend, but the troubled star certainly doesn’t believe she should be there.

Lohan sat down with Piers Morgan before she went away to talk about her addictions — or as she says, lack thereof — and why she thinks rehab is a joke.

Claiming she barely drinks and only smokes pot and drops Ecstasy, Lohan insisted she is not “a junkie” and said she doesn’t like cocaine.

“It reminds me of my dad,” she said in the interview for the Daily Mail. “I took it four times in a period from about the age of 20 to 23, and I got caught twice.”

“It’s the truth. I’ve never taken heroin either, never injected myself with anything, never done LSD. Those things all scare me.”

“I’ve never been a junkie, and never will be,” she said. “I just like going out late to clubs with friends and listening to music. Always have done. It’s not that unusual for girls of 26!”

Because of this, she said, attending rehab is a total waste of time.

“I’ve been court-ordered to do it six times,” she said. “I could write the book on rehab. Constantly sending me to rehab is pointless. The first few times I was court-ordered to rehab, it was like a joke, like killing time.”

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“I look at it as a good thing,” she said about her current trip. “I can come back afterwards and be fully focused on work. But I think there are other things I could do instead of going to a rehab center that would benefit me more. The best thing they could do for me would be to make me go abroad to different countries and work with children.”

Not that a little time alone is necessarily a bad thing. “This is where it gets hard for me to explain,” she said. “I don’t think there’s anything wrong with people taking time to just be by themselves. I think people want to see me do that. They will keep saying the same things about me if I don’t. I don’t think it will be a bad thing for me to be away with myself for three months.”

Lohan’s whole “I don’t do drugs” spiel runs contrary to her own Twitter post from September 2010, just before her last stint at Betty Ford. “Substance abuse is a disease, which unfortunately doesn’t go away over night,” she wrote. “I am working hard to overcome it and am taking positive steps.”

The actress accepted her current 90-day stint in rehab as part of a plea deal.

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