Did the Kris Kross reunion contribute to Chris Kelly's death?

May 3, 2013 at 5:36 p.m. ET

While the medical examiner's office waits on toxicology tests, a sad story of Chris Kelly's addiction to drugs emerges. Was the Kris Kross reunion to blame?

ChrisKellydeathThe demise of Chris Kelly, one half of the popular rap group Kris Kross from the '90s, appeared to be quick even though his star was on the ascent again. The comeback of the duo seems to have instigated his downward spiral.

TMZ is reporting that Kelly had struggled with a cocaine and heroin addiction over the last decade. At the start of his return to the music world, the rap star had been clean.

However, once Kris Kross' reunion at the So So Def 20th Anniversary All-Star Concert happened in February in Atlanta, the musician began to unravel. Sources revealed to the gossip site that once Kelly had access to the money and fame again, his bad habits came roaring back.

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From hanging out at area clubs with other well-known Atlanta rappers, his ego spun out of control and his addiction to drugs hit him fast and hard. While the Fulton County Medical Examiner's Office is still waiting for toxicology results, cops do believe that drugs are the main culprit in Kelly's death.

The rapper's mother admitted to police that her son had been taking speedballs, a mixture of cocaine and heroin, on Tuesday night.

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His best friend Lisa Pope talked to Us Weekly about Kelly's drug use.

Pope shared, "I knew firsthand of him and some drug usage. And I was one of the friends who was absolutely intolerant of that. And so Chris was always battling with me like, 'You're always bugging me.' And I'm like, 'No, Chris. I'm not going to candy coat it and make nice of it. I'm going to protect you and be your friend. I'm going to be your friend if it kills me.'"

Pope revealed that she tried to get Kelly to join VH1's Celebrity Rehab, but that attempt proved futile. Sadly, it seems like his family didn't expect to see their son live a full life.

"In my conversation with his grandmother, she said that his mother said that she knew that Chris would die young," his best friend said. "Chris was determined to have a certain group of people around him and they probably weren't the best friends... Even though they were good people, I guess fundamentally, they may not have been the best crowd. And I think she was concerned for a while that something may happen to Chris. She just had no idea it would be now."

Kelly passed away on May 1 at the age of 34.

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