Once Upon a Time sneak peek: “Second Star to the Right

Watch a sneak peek clip and find out what happens in the first eight minutes of Once Upon a Time‘s episode titled, “Second Star to the Right.”

Once Upon a Time season 2 episode 21 "Second Star to the Right"

Once Upon a Time Season 2 continues on Sunday, May 5, at 8/7c with an episode titled, “Second Star to the Right,” but you don’t have to wait until then to find out what happens. ABC has released the first eight minutes of the episode and it certainly reveals a lot about what we’re going to see on Sunday night. You can check out the video below.

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Here’s what we know from watching the extended sneak peek clip:

Who is Bae?

The episode begins with a young boy on the streets of what looks like a London-esque type town. He’s hungry and sneaks inside a home to find food. There he finds a young girl named Wendy, and we are led to believe that the boy must be Peter Pan. But that’s just part of the reveal. When the two introduce themselves, we discover that the boy is none other than Baelfire. We knew that he spent time somewhere in between leaving the Enchanted Forest and arriving in the real world, and now we know not only where he was, but who he was. Many fans have predicted that we would find out Bae was Peter Pan and now, it seems, we know for sure. Or do we? Could it be that Bae will end up being one of Peter’s “Lost Boys” instead?

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Gold is back to his old ways

Now that Gold has a naughty version of Belle (aka Lacey), it seems he’s gone back to being as evil as he wants — which includes throwing men like the good Dr. Whale on the ground for daring to look at Belle. Luckily, Neal is there to stop his father, but it doesn’t look like the two of them are going to be enjoying any warm father/son reunions any time soon. Neal isn’t happy that his father hasn’t bothered to meet his fiancée, but Gold argues that it’s hardly worth it since the relationship won’t last as long as Neal carries a torch for Emma. Interestingly enough, Neal doesn’t exactly respond to that part of his father’s accusation. Could there be a little truth to that after all?

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Who are Tamara and Greg working for?

David, Mary Margaret, Emma, and Henry are searching for Regina and find only an empty office and a plant that is missing magic beans. Emma still thinks Tamara is involved, but David and Mary Margaret are leaning more toward Gold as the culprit, so they all decide to investigate their hunches separately. Of course, Emma is right, and we find that Tamara does indeed have the magic beans from Regina’s office. We also find out that Tamara and Greg are sending all of their “data” back to a home office. Who is running the show and why do they want Storybrooke?

Hook has some morals after all

Without magic, Regina is being held captive by Tamara and Greg and it seems Greg will stop at nothing — not even torture — to get the information he wants. Hook had no trouble turning Regina over to the evil duo when he was promised that he would get to kill Rumpelstiltskin. But it looks like Hook does draw the line somewhere. When he is asked to help torture the queen, he refuses and leaves. He didn’t exactly stop Greg from torturing her either, but hey, at least it’s something, right?

What do you think now that you’ve seen the first few minutes of this episode of Once Upon a Time? Do you think Bae really is Peter Pan or do you think it’s all a ruse and that he’ll just end up being one of Peter’s Lost Boys? Who do you think is pulling Greg and Tamara’s strings?

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