Community recap: Community was meant to be

Abed unveils his “Crazy Quilt of Destiny” that proves the group was predetermined to meet and affect each other’s lives.

Abed's crazy quilt of destiny

With the end of the season, and most likely the end of the series (yes it’s sad, but we must start to face the facts) right around the corner, the writers seem to be pushing to remind us how great the show is. The latest episode tried too hard to convince us it was destiny that brought the study group together and into our lives.

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Abed built “The Crazy Quilt of Destiny” which consists of a piece of poster board and a lot of sticky notes that explain how the group was destined to meet. He did an insane amount of research which could easily be labeled as “stalking” and discovered that the members of the group had crossed paths and affected each other’s lives in the past without even knowing it.

For instance, in 2008 Jeff (Joel McHale) defended a stripper named Misty for prostitution and won the case. Anarchist group leader Britta (Gillian Jacobs) was there to support him in his efforts to defend women’s rights to use their bodies as they want. After the charges were dropped, Misty went on to have an affair with Shirley’s (Yvette Nicole Brown) husband, which we all know, nearly ended her marriage.

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But André wouldn’t have even met Misty if Shirley didn’t leave dinner early to pick up her sons from the movies. They wanted to be picked up because they had just run into Abed who had seriously warned them not to see such a terrible film.

Troy (Donald Glover) and Annie (Alison Brie) had a much more over-the-top interaction, blamed on her constant pill-popping problem. She is the reason he faked his leg injury to avoid playing football in college and he’s the reason she ran face first through a sliding glass door and finally attended rehab.

Oh yeah, and then there was Pierce, who was noticeably absent, but was a fixture of Greendale so the group was always bound to meet him.

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At the end, the gang realizes that they wouldn’t have even joined the group if it weren’t for fliers that Chang posted in the yogurt shop. So, Chang is finally invited to join the group and thus thwarting his evil plan to destroy Greendale and the study group.

Everything works out in the end, but it feels too forced to be sentimental and charming. Oh Community, I will miss you when you’re gone. But, in a way I already do.

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