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The Vampire Diaries recap: “She’s Come Undone

Nothing says I love you like torture. This isn’t Fifty Shades of Grey, but hey, whatever works to bring out Elena’s emotions.

Damon and Stefan torture Elena

We loved seeing the pilot for The Originals on last week’s episode of The Vampire Diaries, but we also missed crazy Elena and the Salvatore brothers.

They’re busy at work, too. Enough is enough, and now nothing is off limits to push Elena (Nina Dobrev) back to her emotions. First of all, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) are starving her in a cell in their house. Then they’re exposing her to the sun without her daylight ring on. When she still keeps up her snarky little quips, they resort to more brutal methods.

See, Elena is smart. She knows perfectly well the Salvatore brother won’t do anything to actually hurt her. So the Salvatore brothers enlist the help of someone who will: Katherine, who is only too happy to oblige.

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Silas targets Caroline

Caroline is going through some torture of her own.

Bonnie is in hiding from Klaus. She’s got some plan involving Katherine and Silas’ tombstone. There’s a full moon in two days, and Bonnie intends to use its power to ensure Silas doesn’t break the veil.

Silas, however, uses Caroline to bait Bonnie out of hiding. He stabs Caroline in the chest with a stake. When that doesn’t give the desired results, he nearly kills Caroline’s mother. Luckily, Caroline gives her mom some vampire blood just in time to save her.

Seeing the death Silas is willing to cause, Bonnie agrees to continue with the plan of opening the veil.

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Damon kills MattElena and Stefan in The Vampire Diaries

Katherine has lots of fun hurting Elena. She decides it isn’t enough, though. Katherine wants to see Elena try and last without her group of friends fawning over her. Katherine leaves the door to Elena’s cell open.

Elena escapes into the forest.

The Salvatore brothers send out a search party to find her. With the lack of blood in her system, she hasn’t gone far. Matt finds her.

Elena immediately wants to drain him of his blood and kill him. He reasons with her telling her that she was his first friend. Elena still bites him. But she doesn’t kill him.

When the Salvatore brothers show up and realize Elena didn’t kill Matt, Damon gets an idea. He threatens to kill Matt if Elena doesn’t turn her emotions back on. Elena doesn’t believe Damon will actually do it. So Damon snaps Matt’s neck, killing him.

Elena is shocked and begins to cry. She is sobbing uncontrollably and when it’s clear she’s feeling everything, Damon shows her Matt’s hand. He was wearing one of the protection rings. Matt’s death was all planned. Matt will come back to life.

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Bonnie asks for Katherine’s help

Bonnie meets with Katherine. Turns out, Bonnie hasn’t really given up on defeating Silas. She intends to break the veil but only so she can kill Silas once and for all. She makes Katherine a deal. If Katherine will give Bonnie Silas’ tombstone, Bonnie will ask Qetsiyah to give Katherine truly immortal life once she breaks the veil. Katherine agrees.

Elena is back and ready for revenge

Elena is overwhelmed by the return of her emotions. Stefan tells her to focus on one idea that will give her the strength to get through all the pain. It works. The idea wasn’t quite what Stefan had in mind, though. Because what Elena focuses on is killing Katherine. Elena believes (not wrongly) that Katherine is to blame for everything that’s happened — especially the death of Jeremy. Elena is going to kill Katherine to set things right.

So she’s not quite the happy-go-lucky girl of the past, but at least Elena won’t be hating on everyone all the time anymore. Now she’s just focused on one person. Not that we mind, really. Katherine’s had it coming for a while.

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