The Office finale: 5 truths we learned from The Office

If you’ve ever worked in an office for more than five minutes, you immediately related to the exaggerated and awkward dynamics of The Office. More than entertaining us, though, The Office taught us a few things about how to survive in the workplace. Here are few takeaways.

The Office

What to do when someone pisses you off

Dwight Shrute, the guy who has “facts” about everything from beets to bears, thinks everyone is out to get him and when he suspects he’s been wronged, he’s handled it in a variety of unique ways. One of our favorites has got to be when he “shuns” Andy Bernard, then “un-shuns” him when he needs a favor, and “re-shuns” Andy after giving him instructions. If you’ve not applied this technique to those whom you’ve tossed from your circle of trust, you really must. Note: Works well with family members too, especially spouses and kids.

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How to effectively market your product

Dwight was brilliant in a sort of disturbed-kid-who-pulls-the-wings-off-flies kind of way. So when he offered up advice on how to market his prized beets, we listened. He applied this concept to the office one day, where he put the most attractive people by the front door, and put a huge plant in front of Phyllis. Effective perhaps, but not terribly sensitive.

How to mix business with pleasure

If there’s one thing that Michael Scott, boss at Dunder Mifflin, was good at, it was overstepping his bounds and imposing himself where he wasn’t wanted. So why would Phyllis’ wedding be any different? There are so many gems in this clip, from Michael accusing Phyllis of having gas, to Dwight telling Jim there are too many people on the planet and we “need a new plague,” (how many times have I muttered that under my breath while shopping at a discount department store?) to Michael getting annoyed with Phyllis’ dad for getting out of his wheelchair to walk Phyllis down the aisle — something Michael thought he should do. There is so much to be learned from this episode — grab a pen and paper and take notes.

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How did that guy become my boss?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever worked in an office environment where the guy in charge can’t count his toes and come up with the same number twice. Yeah, that would be just about every employee, at one time or another. If you’ve ever looked at your boss and thought, “Who did this guy kill to get this job?” then watching Michael Scott was extremely therapeutic for you. No matter how clueless your boss is, at least he’s not Michael Scott, right?

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How to get along with others

Work environments can be excruciatingly dull depending on the office and the day. Let’s face it — the 8:00 to 5:00 workday is obsolete. We used to need an eight-hour workday because we were using snail mail, manual typewriters and land lines to get work done. With the internet and modern technology, we can now get our work done in about four hours. How do you fill the other four? By making your pain-in-the-a** office nemesis the butt of your jokes. Who doesn’t need a little comic relief to get through the day? It’s a victimless crime, more or less.

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