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Dina Lohan’s ice scream? Embarrassing celeb mom moments

You might think your mother is embarrassing, but she can’t hold a candle to the humiliating moments doled out by the mamas of certain celebrities. Prepare to gain a newfound appreciation for your silly ol’ mom as we revisit three major embarrassing mom moments.

Dina LohanEmbarrassing Mom Moment #1, courtesy of Dina Lohan

When it comes to embarrassing behavior, Dina Lohan could elicit an “Oh, Moooooooom!” from even the most unflappable of offspring. One of her most embarrassing mom dust-ups to date, though, has to be the Ice Cream Card Debacle of 2010. At the time, she made a routine visit to the ice cream shop to pick up a cake for her son Cody’s birthday. All hell broke loose, however, when the shop assistant asked to see I.D. for Dina’s Carvel “Black” card — which entitles the user to free ice cream for 75 years. The problem? The card was actually Lindsay’s, one of only 75 given to celebrities and which Carvel claims the Lohan clan was abusing. Sure, it’s embarrassing Dina threw such a diva fit and called 911, but let’s be real — the true emergency is the fact that a free-ice-cream-for-life card exists and we don’t have one.

MadonnaEmbarrassing Mom Moment #2, courtesy of Madonna

It’s hard enough figuring out your identity as a teenage girl without having one of the world’s most famous envelope-pushing musicians for a mother. She may not be a spring chicken anymore, but that doesn’t keep Madonna from making her teenage daughter Lourdes cringe by wearing a**-baring outfits and grinding on men half her age. After this year’s Oscar party, Madge’s shenanigans got so out of hand that Lourdes was heard begging, “Mom, do you have to? But you tell me to behave like a grown-up!” Apparently she missed the memo that it’s, like, totally uncool to upstage your daughter by acting like a boy-crazy teenybopper.

Lynn PatridgeEmbarrassing Mom Moment #3, courtesy of Lynn Patridge

After her daughter, Audrina Patridge, got the boot from Dancing with the Stars, Lynn Patridge surely got an eye roll or two from her daughter when she decided to go on a drunken tirade on camera — very pointedly aimed at “that b**ch Lauren Conrad” and “those Hills tramps.” You just knew it was going nowhere fast when she started her speech with, “[Audrina]’s a Polish-Catholic f**kin’ full-on I-talian; not only that…” Lynn’s very visibly embarrassed buddy tries, to little avail, to make the inebriated mama exit the spotlight. Rather, Lynn continued to rail against the haters and wish everyone watching a “Happyyyyy America!” Sheesh, poor Audrina… as if dating Justin Bobby wasn’t embarrassing enough!

Images, top to bottom, courtesy of Josiah True/,, Starbux/

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