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Music review: Daft Punk feat. Pharrell “Get Lucky

Daft Punk is back and bigger than ever with “Get Lucky,” which is only a taste of what’s to come for their momentous album release this May.

Daft Punk

Just when I was about to ride off into the sunset, high off Justin Timberlake‘s return, I got wind of Daft Punk’s new album coming out later this month.

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It’s been eight long years!

A freshly minted deal with Columbia Records has put this French duo back on the map. Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo and Thomas Bangalter have been in this business for decades, making revolutionary music that is considered by fans to have paved the way for French house music. These animated and often decorated (donning robot-inspired looks) artists have a legion of followers.

And after you hear this track, you’ll understand why.

It may have been almost a decade-long hiatus, but hopefully their reemergence will also surprise all these young teeny-boppers to perhaps put away their bubblegum Bieber and so-so Selena Gomez to hear some quality music with lively house complements (clearly I’m not biased at all…).

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U.K. magazine The Guardian reported that this single’s release has actually trumped the success of their 2000 hit “One More Time” (do you know how good that song was?!). Still funky, 13 years later. The single drips with all the components of a comeback hit — undisputed talent, popular guest star, intricate layers of instrumentals with their trademark electropop feel. Sidebar: I got this odd sense that I felt I was going to hear CeeLo Green take over, and perhaps that only attests to how robust this track is.

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As if they needed any more help with their level of talent, they upped the swagger level by recruiting singer/songwriter/rapper/overall genius Pharrell Williams. Guitarist Nile Rodgers is also featured. Just get ready to bop your head along. I’m pretty sure I got a few strange looks on the subway jamming out to this single.

Ultimately, Daft Punk’s been lucky, and we just got lucky that they’ve returned!

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