Nicole Richie's mom fail: "It's so, so bad of me!"

May 1, 2013 at 8:26 p.m. ET

Nicole Richie's twisted sense of humor is being unleashed in the new AOL web series Candidly Nicole, and no one is safe — not even her kids!

Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie is not your typical celebrity mom. Despite being given ample opportunity to gush over Harlow and Sparrow, her two children with husband Joel Madden, the #CandidlyNicole star prefers to stick to the funny side of things.

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"Harlow is about to enter college because she's a genius, and Sparrow is going to the Olympics for speed skating this coming fall," Nicole Richie sarcastically told Us Weekly of her 5- and 3-year-olds' latest advancements on Tuesday night.

Though her quick wit has often been found laced into tweets about daily life ("My girlfriend asked me if, tonight, I want to stay in, lay in sweatpants & eat sushi.' Is she sexting me?"), the Fashion Star mentor also battles a propensity to crack up at questionably appropriate times.

"When my son falls down, I just think it's so funny," Richie admitted. "I know it's horrible, but it is so funny and he doesn't have that far to go down anyway. It's so, so bad of me!"

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Deep down — very deep down, perhaps — the 31-year-old is just as sentimental as the next mom, however. Turning soft for just a moment, she added, "Kids are so funny. My mom told me you should write down every cute thing that they do because you will forget. Joel and I really write down every adorable thing they do and save them."

Whatever you do, just don't ask her about adding another baby to the brood! Richie recently vented to Chelsea Handler about the pestering baby questions, "I'm just chillin'. Let me just chill! I really like that they're doing their own thing. They're at school until 3. I don’t have to, like, look after them — or even think about them! It's like every other day."

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