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10 misheard Adele lyrics — because, yes, you’ve been singing it all wrong this entire time


“Rumour Has It”

Adele’s sassy and snappy song, released in 2011 on 21, is so catchy that it’s easy to miss a beat. But before you continue to rock on with your bad self — and with Adele — it helps to know what you’re singing about.


Uma has it/Boomer has it


Rumour has it

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“Set Fire to the Rain”
This inspirational Adele song, also released on 2011’s 21, may have a much deeper meaning if you listen close enough. (Also, total bummer for anyone named Lorraine.)


But I set fire to Lorraine


But I set fire to the rain

“I’ll Be Waiting”

And here we come to yet another confusing and often convoluted song off Adele’s mega-hit 21 album. While the actual lyrics convey an important message of surrender in the face of heartbreak, the misheard lyrics prove that an Adele’s gotta do what an Adele’s gotta do.


I’ll pull my pants up


I’ll put my hands up


Try not to ugly-cry as you listen to Adele’s most recent smash hit, released in 2015 on 25. Sadly, this heart-wrenching, post-breakup ballad may hit animal lovers even harder.


I hope that’s your whale.


I hope that you’re well.

“When We Were Young”

Also from 25, “When We Were Young” takes you back to that perfect first-love moment that’s so fleeting. As a word of warning, this touching song might be ruined for you forever by one misheard lyric — once you hear it, it can’t be unheard.




When we were young

Believe it or not, those are only the tip of the iceberg. Some of Adele’s misheard lyrics are good enough to go into the next edition of the book Hit me with your Pet Shark. I guess being misheard just comes with the territory for anyone from England, especially when you’re a fast-talking Brit from Tottenham. Despite the mishearings, Adele remains one of our favorite singers. That’s why we’re excited to wish the mom a very happy 28th birthday!

We wish her many, many more. Mostly because we (selfishly) want many, many more albums.

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