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10 misheard Adele lyrics — because, yes, you’ve been singing it all wrong this entire time


People mishear lyrics all the time and Adele’s songs aren’t immune to that plague of “wrongness.” Just because we adore Adele doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the results!

“Rolling in the Deep”

Whether it’s her accent or just a general lack of close listening, people have made hysterical translations of Adele’s music. We thought we’d celebrate her birthday on May 5 by having a few laughs and helping to correct these amusing mistakes.

“Rolling in the Deep” wasn’t Adele’s first single, but it was certainly the one that made her a household name in America. That doesn’t mean it’s not misheard.


Now you’re gonna wish you never had parakeets


Now you’re gonna wish you never had met me

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“Someone Like You”

Another great song off Adele’s sophomore album, 21, was “Someone Like You.” It also had a few people raising eyebrows at the lyrical possibilities. The most common mistranslation held basically the same meaning but was still wrong.


Sometimes it’s laughs in love, but sometimes it hurts in spades.


Sometimes it lasts in love but sometimes it hurts instead.

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“Chasing Pavements”

One of the most popular songs off Adele’s first album, 19, was “Chasing Pavements.” It was well loved, but apparently some people had a hard time understanding where she was going and what she was chasing.


Should I give up or should I just keep chasing penguins?


Should I give up or should I just keep chasing pavements?

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When it was announced that Adele would sing the theme song for the new James Bond movie, fans rejoiced. Our favorite British babe was perfect to do the honors! Then “Skyfall” happened, which many said was just Adele repeating one really weird word.


Ate this scaffold, and eat crumbles


Let the sky fall, when it crumbles

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“Cold Shoulder”

While one lover vexed Adele with a cold shoulder, we’re vexed by this strange lyrical twisting. We’re not exactly sure how this was so misheard.


You shower me with water, sleet and ice/ Whenever you look at me I wish I could die


You shower me with words made of knives/ Whenever you look at me I wish I was her

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