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QUIZ: Which star’s summer fashion do you covet most?

Whose summer style do you covet?

Mostly As: Gwen Stefani

Mostly A’s: Gwen Stefani

Gutsy and fun, you aren’t afraid to be the center of attention. As such, you dress up your trusty white tank with bold patterns and edgy accessories for a style that is avant-garde.

Mostly Bs: Jennifer Lawrence

Mostly B’s: Jennifer Lawrence

Well hello, girl next door! For everyday, you favor a laid-back chic look — think striped cotton maxi dresses and linen rompers. Nights out, though, mean amping up the glam with high fashion, eclectic ensembles.

Mostly Cs: Eva Mendes

Mostly C’s: Eva Mendes

Bring on the winged eyeliner and cinched-waist dresses, because Eva’s summer style screams ’70s bombshell. You’re sex on a stick, baby! You gravitate toward the bed-head meets feminine, floral dress look.

Mostly Ds: Miranda Kerr

Mostly D’s: Miranda Kerr

You know that girl everyone asks for shopping advice? That’s Miranda. Whether she’s strolling down a SoHo sidewalk or hitting the beach, her summer style is a breath of fresh air — an enviable mix of hard and soft, modern and vintage, casual and city street chic.

Photo credits: TNYF/ (Miranda Kerr), (all others)

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