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Is Clint Eastwood’s marriage in trouble?

Is Clint and Dina Eastwood’s marriage on the rocks? Sources are saying their marriage is strained as Dina checks into rehab for depression.


It’s rare to hear rumors circling one of Hollywood’s golden actors, but that’s exactly what’s happening with Clint Eastwood. Is his marriage in trouble?

Last week, TMZ reported that his wife, Dina, checked herself into rehab to combat depression and anxiety. She’s reportedly holed up at a facility in Arizona to deal with her issues.

Dina, along with their daughter Morgan, his daughter Francesca from his relationship with Frances Fisher and the musical group Overtone all starred on E!’s Mrs. Eastwood & Company last year for the network. The reality show is one possible source of strain in their marriage as Clint only made a few cameo appearances.

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In addition to Dina’s rehab, Clint has been spotted out and about without his wedding ring, most recently at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York. The duo also did not spend their 17th wedding anniversary together on March 31.

While there are always reasonable explanations for a missing wedding band — from forgetting to put it on to taking it off for work-related reasons — sources close to the couple are talking about trouble in paradise.

A source told, “There is no third party that caused the end of the relationship. Dina and Clint have simply drifted apart. She wanted him to slow down and not spend as much time working, and that just isn’t an option for Clint. He loves acting and directing.”

The reality show was also mentioned as a possible thorn in their side.

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The source continued, “Dina’s decision to do a reality show, Mrs. Eastwood & Company, also caused stress in the already strained marriage, because Clint didn’t want her to do it. Clint is very private, and didn’t want his family life on display for America to see.”

There is also a significant 35-year age difference between the two, but it didn’t matter much in the past for the Eastwoods. They met in 1993 after Dina interviewed the Oscar winner while she was working as a reporter. They married in 1996 and their daughter was born later that year.

RadarOnline’s source also gave a glimpse into what Dina has been dealing with. Dina has been in a “very bad place for a while because Clint is her entire world. Their daughter, Morgan, will be going off to college soon. Dina is very, very lonely, and it’s really a sad situation all around.”

Let’s hope Dina is getting the peace she needs in rehab to help save her marriage.


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