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The Following recap: “The Final Chapter

In true horror movie fashion, the terror never ends. Just when we think Claire and Hardy are safe, we realize the final chapter hasn’t even started.

Weston and Hardy in The Following

I don’t even know where to begin tonight. I’m still reeling over the last minute of The Following. I’ll try not to get ahead of myself. When does the second season air?

The episode begins with the FBI searching for Parker. She only has about three to five hours of air in that coffin. Time is limited.

Joe Carroll (James Purefoy) leaves some “pretty big breadcrumbs” for Hardy (Kevin Bacon) to follow. The FBI IDs a follower named Alex from video surveillance of the parking lot where Parker was kidnapped.

The FBI tracks Alex down and arrests him.

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Carroll wants all the credit

Carroll takes Claire to a lighthouse. There is another man there named Neil Meyer.

Claire tells Carroll she blames herself for Carroll’s killing spree because she didn’t put the evidence together sooner. She says she is responsible for the girls that died. She should have realized her husband was a murderer.

Carroll kills Neil.

He does it to show Claire what murder is like. He says Claire wasn’t responsible for their deaths. Carroll wants credit for the killings. Claire doesn’t get to have any of it.

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Weston and Hardy find ParkerThe lighthouse in The Following

Weston and Hardy beat up Alex for information. They torture Alex until he gives them the address where Parker is buried.

As Weston and Carroll drive, Parker says her last words over the phone. She tells Hardy her death isn’t his fault. She chose to sign up for the FBI and knew the deal when she did.

Weston and Hardy arrive at the gravesite just after Parker’s phone dies.

Weston and Hardy start digging. Parker is inside. She isn’t breathing. Hardy starts performing CPR, but she doesn’t wake up. Parker is dead.

Hardy is so furious that he kills Alex.

Weston and Hardy find an envelope in Parker’s coffin. Joe’s manuscript is inside.

Hardy realizes he has to go find Carroll alone. Weston wants to go with him, but Hardy threatens to shoot him in the leg before allowing him to go. Hardy doesn’t want Weston to get hurt.

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Hardy kills Carroll… right?

Emma is waiting for Hardy when he arrives at Carroll’s next clue point. She tells him to get rid of his gun and phone, which he does. Hardy is grabbed and drugged.

Hardy wakes up at the lighthouse. Claire and Joe are there. Joe starts talking away about his grand scheme. Carroll says Claire must die to honor Hardy’s death curse. Hardy tries to save Claire by taunting Carroll about his book. Carroll knows he’s just trying to get under his skin.

Hardy tackles Carroll and tries to shoot him but Carroll runs. Hardy goes to help Claire, but she tells Hardy just to go kill Carroll.

Hardy runs after Carroll. In a struggle between Hardy and Carroll, the building lights on fire. Carroll is trapped in the blaze. Hardy escapes just in time before the building explodes. Carroll is still inside.

But Claire and Hardy are safe.

Molly gets the final chapter

Hardy takes Claire back to his place.

They receive a call. Dental records and early DNA match Carroll’s. The FBI is confirming his death.

Claire and Hardy breathe a sigh of relief and order some takeout.

Molly shows up in the apartment, reminding us that Carroll promised Molly would be the one to end Hardy’s life.

Molly stabs Hardy and Claire.

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