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Sneak peek: Graceland pilot is available now

Welcome to Graceland!

Graceland OnDemand

Graceland is the perfect spring/summer staycation >>

Earlier this year, while many of you were freezing your butts off up north, SheKnows had the privilege of flying down to Miami to spend a little time on the set of Graceland. Later this month, we’ll unleash an assortment of awesome stuff we uncovered while on set chatting with the insanely good-looking actors. In the meantime, we have one very special announcement:

Graceland‘s pilot is available On Demand right now! All major cable carriers are sharing the first episode of USA’s serialized NSA/FBI/DEA show On Demand so you, too, can fall in love with the beautiful beaches and sexy characters.

Daniel Sunjata: From Grey’s to Graceland >>

So, what exactly are we geeking out for? Graceland is about a set of good-looking and well-trained federal agents who live in a (very cool) house on the coast of California. The house was seized in an undercover operation and earned the nickname due to all the Elvis paraphernalia the agents found inside the house. The government turned the property into a quasi-dorm for some of the best investigators from various agencies. The show follows them as they try to juggle their undercover lives outside the house with the real lives inside the house. Agencies will work together and clash. Heads will butt and friendships will form. And, at the end of the day, all problems can be fixed by a little downtime in the sand… Just so long as they’ve kept up with the chore wheel.

Check out this awesome behind-the-scenes preview:

USA’s entire summer line-up >>

Great, right? Those familiar faces were Daniel Sunjata from Smash and Grey’s Anatomy and Aaron Tveit from Les Misérables and Gossip Girl. But they’re only the tip of the scorching-hot iceberg of talent on Graceland. We’ll give you more in-depth looks into the characters and their actors as the premiere creeps closer. In the meantime, find time to watch the pilot On Demand and make sure to share it with your friends. This show is going to be huge… help us start up the bandwagon.

Graceland premieres June 6 at 10/9c on USA.

Image courtesy of USA

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