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Revolution recap: “Home

There’s more to Miles and Monroe’s past bromance including a bouncing bundle of joy.

Rachel and Aaron in Revolution

There isn’t a love triangle Miles isn’t involved in on Revolution. So, of course, there’s some deeper history with Monroe (David Lyons) besides a friendship. The two were in love with the same girl when they were growing up. Her name was Emma, and she was in a relationship with Miles (Billy Burke). But she also loved Monroe.

Just before Miles and Monroe enlisted in the military, Emma gave in to desire and hooked up with Monroe.

Monroe thinks Emma is the key to baiting Miles.

He heads to their hometown, locks everyone in the basement of a building and sends a messenger to let Miles know that if he doesn’t show up, Monroe plans to kill the townspeople.

So Miles races off to save the day.

Here’s the thing — once he gets there, Monroe still lights the building on fire intent on killing everyone including Emma.

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Aaron reunites with his wifeRachel in Revolution

Rachel and Aaron cross into the Plains Nation.

Once they get into town, Aaron spots his wife Priscilla. If you remember, Aaron left Priscilla because he didn’t think he was good enough for her after the power went out. Aaron thought she needed a man who could take care of her, unlike overweight Aaron (as he sees himself).

When Aaron sees Priscilla, she wants nothing to do with him. She has a husband named Steve. She dismisses him and Aaron leaves.

Turns out, her husband is a bounty hunter. And he’s not really her husband. He’s holding her hostage to bring her back to the Monroe Republic. Priscilla didn’t admit it before because the man was holding a gun under the table.

Aaron knows something wasn’t right about the meeting and seeks Priscilla out again, even against Rachel’s advice.

He saves Priscilla from the bounty hunter.

But it doesn’t end with rainbows and butterflies for Aaron. Priscilla wasn’t lying when she said she had a family. She has a daughter waiting for her in Texas. Aaron tells her she should get back to her family.

Now that Aaron has made his peace with Priscilla, could this be paving the way for an Aaron/Rachel relationship?

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Monroe gets an unexpected surprise

Miles saves the town from the burning building. Nora, Jim and Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) show up just in time to help. But as the people are escaping, Monroe manages to get his hands on Emma.

He holds her at gunpoint and tells Miles to surrender.

As Monroe holds Emma, she tells him she wants to live. Monroe thinks it’s because she wants to be reunited with Miles. Emma corrects him and tells him it’s because she wants to see her son again. Emma confesses to Monroe the boy is his child.

Just then, one of the rebels shoots at Monroe. He hits Emma in the process and kills her.

Monroe and Miles are both devastated. Miles kills the soldier who shot at Monroe. Monroe begins shooting as well, but his officers drag him from the scene because he is wounded.

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Tom Neville is back in action

Back at the Georgia Federation, the president has decided to send Miles a valuable asset: Tom Neville. He escaped the Monroe Republic and has been living safely in Georgia. Now, he’s returning to the field. This time, he’ll be fighting on Miles’ side. We think.

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