The Wanted release preview of "Walks Like Rihanna"

Apr 27, 2013 at 11:49 a.m. ET

U.K. boy band The Wanted has leaked a 30-second online preview of their new song, "Walks Like Rihanna."

The Wanted

When we last left the Brit boys from The Wanted, they were brawling with fellow boy banders One Direction, counted Lindsay Lohan as one of their groupies and had signed on for an E! reality show. But we hadn't heard any new music from them since last year's "Glad You Came."

However, that all changed on Friday when they released 30 seconds of their new song, "Walks Like Rihanna."

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OK, 30 seconds is hardly a song release, but it's better than nothing, and it seems like the guys are gunning for "Walks Like Rihanna" to be this year's summer song.

In a press release about the song, The Wanted's Tom Parker explained, "We are really excited about this single. We feel it's a little different from the usual Wanted sound, we've stripped it back to pure pop, [and] it's just a feel-good, fun track."

The clip gives us a clue as to the type of lady these guys are looking for. The guys sing, "She can't sing/She can't dance/But who cares/She walks like Rihanna."

This is very good news for all of us who have little singing or dancing talent but know how to walk.

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Parker goes on to reveal, "Fun is a good word to describe the video too. Let's just say it's got a lot of character."

According to the release, the video, due out May 7, "takes a tongue in cheek look at what being in a boy band is all about."

Hmm. I wonder if Lindsay Lohan will be making an appearance in the video. After all, isn't having groupies what being in a boy band is actually about?

The song features vocals from band member Nathan Sykes, who was forced to take a break from the band. He is currently recovering from vocal cord surgery in Los Angeles and will hopefully be rejoining the other guys later this year.

We will be able to hear more of "Walks Like Rihanna" in the next couple of weeks as it is released to U.K. radio stations. Fans can own the song June 23, but iTunes preorder begins May 7.

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Here's the 30-second clip of The Wanted’s new song, "Walks Like Rihanna." Check it out for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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