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Hannibal recap: Death like angels

Will and Jack hunt a new serial killer who isn’t quite as angelic as he should be. And Dr. Lecter learns some personal details about Jack’s troubled marriage.

Hannibal has Jack for dinner

Just in case you thought Hannibal couldn’t get any more gruesome, the makers of this new suspenseful TV show wanted to prove you wrong. In the latest episode, Jack (Laurence Fishburne) and Will (Hugh Dancy) track a killer who likes to hang his victims to look like angels (just check out the picture below — isn’t that a holy sight?).

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Will is really having a hard time getting up close and personal with all these serial killers. It’s really starting to take a toll on his frail mind. He’s beginning to have headaches, sleepwalking incidents and is having an even harder time distinguishing reality from hallucinations. Scary he works for the FBI.

Investigating the “Angel Maker,” as the killer has affectionately been labeled, is pushing Will to the brink. Especially since Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) is always in his ear saying negative things about Jack. He’s accusing Jack of using Will. But, we all know that’s just because Lecter wants the FBI off his case. Literally.

Victims intended to look like angels

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But Will’s not the only one with problems. Looks like Jack is having some trouble on the homefront. He and his wife, Bella, have dinner with Lecter where Hannibal wins her over (and he also claims that he gets his meat from an “ethical” butcher). Bella actually becomes one of Lecter’s patients where she unveils some troubles in her marriage. He’s really not the guy you want knowing your personal business.

Bella also admits that she has cancer and doesn’t want to tell Jack. Jack figures it out when he discovers the Angel Maker had cancer and he pushed his wife away before he decided to go on a killing spree. Since Bella seemed to be doing the same thing (minus the weird angel murders, of course), he put the puzzle pieces together and the couple was able to have a tender moment of reconnection… in Dr. Lecter’s office of all places.

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In the end, the Angel Maker finds his last victim — himself. Will saw it coming, as he always seems to, which leaves him with the ever-increasing uneasy feeling that he’s way too much like serial killers for his own good.

Dr. Lecter certainly has a way of working himself into the hearts and brains of people around him. It’s only a matter of time before he serves those pieces as a delicious entree to new friends.

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