Glee recap: "Lights Out"

Apr 26, 2013 at 5:15 a.m. ET

We don't blame Mr. Schue for getting nervous about the competition when he overhears Jessica Sanchez's character singing. The girl can definitely belt out a tune.

The cast in Glee

The power goes out on this week's episode of Glee, but that doesn't stop the kids from singing. Regionals is right around the corner, and the New Directions need all the practice they can get. Plus, it also gives them a chance to focus on vocals without the fancy backup music.

Song #1: Righteous Brothers' "Lost That Loving Feeling"

Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) scopes out The Hoosierdaddies — one of their regionals competitors — and discovers a powerhouse singer named Frida Romero (Jessica Sanchez). She's a sophomore and The Hoosierdaddies' secret weapon. Suddenly, Mr. Schue is back to feeling unconfident about regionals. The glee club gets to work.

While the glee kids perform, Ryder continues talking to his online girlfriend. She's afraid to meet him despite Ryder's encouragement. Apparently, Ryder's been spilling his secrets to this girl even though he barely knows her. One of the secrets is so big, he's never admitted it to anyone else.

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Song #2: R.E.M.'s "Everybody Hurts"

Kurt gets an opportunity to help out with the New York City Ballet Gala through Isabelle (Sarah Jessica Parker) at Vogue. He even gets to bring Rachel (Lea Michele) and Santana along as well. Rachel and Kurt are worried about Santana. She isn't in college, doesn't have a room of her own and is working as a go-go dancer. Rachel encourages Santana to take classes at the Nyata extension program while she figures out what she really wants to do.

Santana takes Rachel's advice and starts classes. She's inspired after the ballet. Isabelle also encourages her, telling her it's OK if she takes her time to figure things out.

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Song #3: Queen's "We Will Rock You"Jessica Sanchez in Glee

Sue (Jane Lynch) is working at 24 Hour Fitness. Blaine goes to the class she teaches at the gym. He is worried about the Cheerios because of Coach Roz. She is mean and encouraging the Cheerios to do crazy things, like get their ribs removed so their waists are smaller.

Blaine knows something else happened the day the guns went off. He tells Coach Sue the school needs her.

Song #4: "Little Girls" from the musical Annie

Back at glee club, Ryder admits his babysitter molested him when he was little. The guys just think it's cool he apparently has so much game. But Kitty understands what Ryder is going through. In fact, she asks him to dinner. Once there, Kitty admits her friend's brother molested her in the 6th grade. That's why she switched schools.

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Song #5: "At the Ballet" from the musical A Chorus Line

Coach Roz is mad at Becky and brings her to Principal Figgins' office. Becky keeps insulting Coach Roz. Becky admits she has something she needs to tell Principal Figgins. Will she get up the courage to admit she was responsible for the shooting?

The power is restored.

Song #6: Billy Joel's "The Longest Time"

Kitty asks Ryder on a date, but he says no and stays in front of his computer for Katie. Kitty admits she was really starting to like Ryder. She's hurt by his rejection.

Kitty leaves, and Ryder receives a response from Katie.

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