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The Vampire Diaries recap: “The Originals


It turns out that a one-night stand Klaus had with Hayley resulted in one messed up hybrid loophole. But, as Klaus puts it, every king needs an heir.

Klaus and Elijah in The Originals

Thursday night’s episode of The Vampire Diaries served as a pilot of sorts for the new proposed spin-off show The Originals, which would star Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah and Rebekah in New Orleans. Count us in!

Not only did this episode introduce us to a host of interesting characters, it set the stage for a story line that will take us deeper into the world of dark vampires.

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Klaus’ protégé is just as ruthless

The show takes place in a New Orleans controlled by vampires. Using magic is punishable by death.

Klaus heads to the city he created to hunt down a woman named Jane Anne that Katherine (Nina Dobrev) mentioned in the last episode. Once there, he reunites with his protégé Marcel, who is now running the city. Klaus and Marcel have a delicate relationship. Klaus sired Marcel and then left New Orleans.

Marcel has some way of knowing whenever a witch uses magic. Jane Anne, in an attempt to get to Klaus, dares to use a spell. Marcel finds her and kills her. Klaus is angry because he wanted to question Jane Anne about her motives. But Marcel has a different agenda, and he makes the rules in the city.

Hayley finds unexpected family

Meanwhile, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) is also in New Orleans searching for her family. Jane Anne’s sister Sophie lures Hayley to the middle of the bayou. A group of witches kidnaps her.

Elijah arrives in the town, watching out for his brother like he does best. He finds Sophie and demands she tell him her motives.

Marcel is having Klaus followed, and Klaus confronts him about it. Marcel skirts around giving him a straight answer. Instead, Marcel becomes more interested in a new bartender girl and goes to have “dessert.”

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There’s a hybrid loopholeThe cast of The Orginals

Elijah has discovered why the witches are interested in Klaus. Elijah takes Klaus to Sophie. Sophie says she needs Klaus’ help to get rid of Marcel. Klaus isn’t interested in helping her. That’s when Sophie’s friends show up with their hostage Hayley. Klaus isn’t interested in saving Hayley’s life either. Until the witches explain that Hayley is carrying Klaus’ child.

It turns out that a one-night stand of theirs resulted in an unfathomable outcome — a hybrid loophole, if you will. If you’ll remember, Klaus was essentially reborn when he became a hybrid. Somehow, this enabled him to have children.

Klaus at first calls them liars, but then he hears the heartbeat of the baby. He tells the witches to kill Hayley and the baby. He doesn’t care. Klaus still thinks it’s a trick.

Elijah tries to stop Klaus by convincing him the baby is a gift. Elijah wants Klaus to stay in New Orleans. He wants a new start with the child. Klaus refuses.

Klaus confronts Marcel again. This time, the tension builds between the two until Klaus bites one of Marcel’s friends. A bite from a hybrid will leave the guy dead by morning. Klaus bites him to prove to Marcel who really holds the power in the town.

Klaus sees the bartender girl after the confrontation with Marcel. No word on how she escaped Marcel’s teeth. No doubt there’s more to the girl than a simple psych student. Her name is Cami. A new love interest? If so, they’re going to take things slow. During the episode, Klaus calls Caroline to tell her how much he misses her.

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Every king needs an heir

Elijah finds Klaus again. Klaus admits he wants to be king of New Orleans once again. When Elijah asks if he’ll save the baby, Klaus says every king needs an heir.

Klaus makes amends with Marcel, no doubt to put his bigger plan into motion. Marcel accepts Klaus’ apology, and Klaus saves Marcel’s friend with his blood.

Elijah returns to Mystic Falls and fills Rebekah in on the details. He tells her it’s time for them to be a family. Elijah sees this baby as an opportunity to bring everyone together. Rebekah wants to stay in Mystic Falls. She refuses to leave.

Katherine wants to go on her own adventure with Elijah. She wants to be with him. Elijah tells her goodbye.

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