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Music review: Brad Paisley “Beat This Summer

This less controversial single from Brad Paisley’s album “Wheelhouse” proves to be a beaming summer anthem that raises spirits and appreciation for childhood love.

Brad Paisley

Why do people love summer so much?

I mean, I figure once you start working you don’t exactly get two months off to eat Oreos and play outside. Perhaps it’s the emotional impact it makes on all of us. Summer always beckons hope for adventures soon to come, and flings that give us butterflies.

Brad Paisley capitalizes on these feelings along with reminding us of the good times with his single “Beat This Summer.” He sings of memories and the promises of summer — how the sunshine seemingly enlightens us and perhaps makes us vulnerable to puppy love in the past.

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It also evokes the feelings of finality and disappointment when summer comes to an end, and exposes how the love-induced cheeriness fades as the warm weather does. It’s a sugary-sweet exposé on the all-too-familiar summer emotional roller coaster. Charming guitar riffs and heartfelt vocals make this dear country star even more attractive than before.

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The video recently debuted, and it’s a perky, optimistic narrative. It almost seems like ages ago when the album was released and all the focus appeared to be on his address of racism in “Accidental Racist” featuring LL Cool J. This album discussed several serious issues, ranging from abuse to religion to the aforementioned racism, but still has songs like this one with the characteristic innocence of a summer single.

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Co-written with Chris DuBois and Luke Laird, it’s a track that I’ll wager you can’t help but relate to. The video shown below for your viewing pleasure was directed by Roman White. Make sure to check out this track and leave a comment to let me know where you think it stacks up compared with the rest of his album.

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