Jimmy Kimmel trolls hipsters at Coachella

Apr 23, 2013 at 9:51 p.m. ET

If you were at Coachella this weekend and were asked to be on camera while someone interviewed you about unfamiliar bands... you might want to watch this video.

Jimmy Kimmel busts Coachella-goers with fake band names

Have you heard of our favorite band? They're, like, super under-the-radar. They do weekend shows in the basement of our locally-owned coffee shop and all our friends show up. But, probably not you or your friends... I mean, have you ever even heard of Parachuting Shamrocks?

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No. Of course you haven't. They're not a real band. That doesn't mean some people won't claim to know the band. During the latest weekend at Coachella, Jimmy Kimmel sent out his "Lie Witness News" Team to see just how hard festival-goers would try to be cool. Would they admit to knowing and liking a band they'd never even heard of? Would they diss a band that didn't even exist?

Kimmel's crew trolled the dusty, smelly, overcrowded parking lot that is Coachella to find the answers to those questions. This is the result:


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Our two favorite fake band names: The Obesity Epidemic and The Chelsea Clintons (though, Get the F*** Out of My Pool is a classic, too!).

Our favorite quote: Bralette-clad teenager about a made-up band, "I'm really excited to see them live. I think that's going to be one of the bands that's going to be really great live." Her friend, "Like, a highlight."

The best part, though, was when one guy was asked about Two Door Cinema Club and he talked about how often he used to play their music on his local radio station. Kimmel's entire studio audience howled with laughter, completely unaware that Two Door is a real band and that guy could have very well played their music on his radio show. It's a bummer more people in his audience didn't know that, too. They're a really awesome band!

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We don't want to tease the festival-goers too hard, though. The music scene (in any genre) is forever expanding and this year's Coachella had a massive lineup that was especially known for being full of even more "obscure" bands than ever before. We know all the music fans were just trying to save face. Still. It looks like the best way to save face is just to be truthful, huh?

Image courtesy of WENN