Bates Motel recap: The truth about Norman Bates revealed

Apr 23, 2013 at 5:43 a.m. ET

Another one bites the dust as Norma and her family defend themselves against Zach, plus a surprising secret from Norman's past is revealed.

Norma calls the police after Zach attacks the family

Um, could Bates Motel get any better? It's hard to imagine. Each episode is jam-packed with suspense, eerie plot lines and a heck of a lot of murder. This smart, creepy drama keeps us on the edge of our seats every week and the latest episode was no exception.

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First, Dylan (Max Thieriot) cops to running over his buddy's murderer to his boss. For his manly display of "taking care of business" and taking initiative, he was promoted and even received a personal assistant named Remo. Remo is an aging thug who doesn't seem too happy to be working for a 21-year-old punk like Dylan. But I'm sure the two will bond over time.

Dylan then goes back to his family to take care of business on the home front. He takes Norman back to Zach's (Mike Vogel) boat because he's sure that Zach is hiding Keith's belt there. Once they get rid of the belt, Norma and the Bates will finally be free from the sex-slave hoarding Zach.

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Things go according to plan for the brothers. They find and toss Keith's belt into the lake, hopefully to never be heard from again. Dylan convinces Norman (Freddie Highmore) to leave the motel and come live with him in his new apartment. Mostly, it's important that Norman gets away from his creepy mother.

The brothers finally arrive back at the motel and run into some trouble. Zach unexpectedly showed up for some sexy time with Norma (Vera Farmiga) but wound up discovering she was hiding his Asian sex slave. The teenager runs into the woods and Zach follows after her, unloading his gun as he goes.

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When he returns, he takes Norma and her sons hostage (no word if the girl survived or not yet). After yelling at Norma and slapping her around a few too many times, Norma goes into a quiet rage and attacks Zach. Zach gets the better of him, but Dylan and Zach wind up in a long and over-the-top gun fight. Thoroughly entertaining. Dylan wins in the end, and Zach collapses dead on the porch moments before the cops arrive.

This gives Norma enough time to persuade Dylan to join her side and lie to the cops for her. She tells him her version of how Norman's father died. Apparently the couple was arguing and Mr. Bates became exceptionally violent. Norman, in a calm and creepy manner, came to his mother's rescue by hitting his father over the head with a glass blender. He died instantly and Norma covered up the murder to make it look like an accident.

Norman has no recollection of the event, and it's unlikely he'll remember lashing out at Zach either. But, can Norma's story be trusted or is she just trying to get Dylan to do what she wants? We all know Norman has problems, but is the teenager already a murderer?

Photo courtesy of A&E