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Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer’s awkward run-in

Things got awkward in West Hollywood recently! John Mayer (kind of) crashed Jen Aniston’s date night.

John and Jen

After splitting from his most recent girlfriend, Katy Perry, John Mayer headed out to West Hollywood hotspot Sunset Tower on Apr. 17 to enjoy a night out with a guy friend. When he got there, though, he discovered his ex, Jennifer Aniston, was seated just a couple of tables away.

Jen was at the restaurant for a fun night out with her fiance, Justin Theroux, and friends. Those friends included Drew Barrymore, Chelsea Handler and Chelsea’s boyfriend, Andre Balazs. A source at the restaurant said Jen seemed happy and the couple seemed to be having a good time with their friends.

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“There was a bottle of wine on Jen’s table. It looked like a cute dinner with friends,” a source told People. “They are all having fun and Jen and Justin look very sweet together.”

As for John, apparently the former it-couple didn’t interact, but a source did mention that he definitely “saw her when he came in.”

John has often said that none of his (many) exes were “the one that got away.” He seems like a firm believer in the fact that “the one” won’t manage to get away. Plus, he needs someone who can deal with his ‘tude. So, we doubt he’s harboring any unrequited feelings for Jen. However, Mayer and Perry have barely been separated a month. It’s no doubt to his chagrin that he was seen out with just a bro while Jen was cuddled up with her future hubby.

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Despite his brief romance with Perry, John told CBS not so long ago that he’d definitely thought of marrying her. “Of course,” he admitted. “I mean, I’m still the kid from Connecticut. That’s what you do.”

Just like his relationship with Perry, Jen and John’s relationship was on-again-off-again from the very start. They dated for a while during the summer of 2008. Eventually they broke up and then got back together, only to to break up for good in 2009.

It looks like Jen is happy now that she’s with Theroux. We hope John finds his “one” soon enough, too!

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