The Following recap: "The End is Near"

Apr 23, 2013 at 5:20 a.m. ET

The female characters take the spotlight during this episode. Nothing like a strong woman to get us cheering — or fearing. Parker is kidnapped by the cult and buried alive. Emma kills Jacob out of love. And Claire stabs Carroll. Again.

Hardy and Weston in The Following

Tonight's episode of The Following was the last before the season finale, and the show didn't disappoint. Though we experience twist after twist, the show left us right back where last week ended. Hardy (Kevin Bacon) is so close to catching Carroll (James Purefoy) but still isn't quite there.

The cult's story unveiled

Carroll is in a lot of pain from the stab wound Claire (Natalie Zea) inflicted on last week's episode. He's drinking a lot and losing more of his sensibility — if he ever had any to begin with. He is ready to enact the plan that everyone has been waiting for. A follower named Adam says he is going to get Joe and Claire out of the house one way or another. While another follower named Amy says she will be strong for Carroll.

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The cult's story will finally be heard.

Jacob is the only member of the cult who isn't excited about the plan. Jacob confides in Emma about his reservations.

The FBI finds the house from Joey's description of the property. The cult has fled.

Claire's time is almost upJoey in The Following

Hardy finds a photo of Claire with blood smeared across the frame. Hardy deduces Carroll's plan to kill Claire. But it isn't enough that Carroll just kill her — he wants to make Hardy watch.

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The FBI is encouraging everyone in the town to go to the evacuation center while they track the following.

The news is covering the events. One reporter interviews Amy. Amy kills the reporter in the middle of the interview after quoting Poe. The FBI takes Amy into custody.

Jacob doesn't like the plan

Emma, Jacob and Carroll, with hostage Claire, raid a house and take the couple living there hostage.

At the house, Emma tells Jacob again she is still really, really sorry for what she did to him. Only this time he forgives her. The two kiss.

The police are going door to door to check on residents. Emma kills the two officers. Carroll hears the gunshots and goes to check on everything. When he turns away, Claire smashes a wine bottle over his back. Then she kicks his wounded side and jabs it with a fork. She escapes with the owners of the house into the woods.

While the couple is able to escape, Emma and Jacob catch up with Claire and apprehend her once again.

Emma can't love Jacob and Carroll

The FBI realizes the cult is targeting the evacuation center. They arrive quickly but act discreet because they don't want to spook the members of the cult into acting rash.

Hardy recognizes one of the refugees as a member of the following. They are about to apprehend him when the lights go out. And people start to die. The cult has multiple members there killing the innocent people.

The FBI is scanning the building for other cult members. Two members attack Parker and grab her.

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Meanwhile, Carroll pushes Claire onto a boat.

They leave Emma and Jacob on the shore. Jacob suggests he and Emma just drive away. Jacob doesn't want to die for Carroll. Jacob is resolute. He will leave with or without Emma.

Emma kills Jacob. She explains to him as he dies that she doesn't know how to love both Jacob and Carroll.

Parker is missing at the end of the cult attack at the evacuation center.

The following has taken her to the middle of the forest. They bury her alive in a coffin.

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