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Isla Fisher on career and family: You can’t have it all


The Great Gatsby star Isla Fisher says her greatest role is being a mom.

Isla Fisher Gotham magazineAsk any mom and she’ll likely tell you that she has a certain amount of “mom guilt” for going back to work while her children are young. The Great Gatsby star Isla Fisher is no exception.

The new Gotham magazine cover girl dished to actress Kirsten Dunst about her family — and her decision to go back to work after having two children with husband Sacha Baron Cohen.

But, it sounds like she has no regrets.

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“I took three years off,” she told Dunst of going back to work on the Baz Luhrmann film. “It’s not like you’re taking a break and looking on IMDbPro to see your StarMeter falling. You’re doing the most important, incredible thing. When you come back in, the perspective has changed. I truly believe you can’t have it all and you shouldn’t want to.”

Fisher added that her most important role — motherhood — even affects the types of roles she takes.

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“Even when you don’t take your kids with you, your mind and heart are busy with them,” she continued. “It would be very hard for me to play scenes where a mother lost a child — I wouldn’t want to play that scene in Jude, where Kate Winslet finds her babies murdered. I’m just not ready to put my head into that kind of stuff while mine are so small. That’s why I’m drawn to lighter material.”

So, will she ever make acting a family thing and star in a film with her Borat creator hubby?

“Personally, I think we collaborate on enough behind closed doors,” she said.

“We’re working on some really important collaborations, and I think that’s more important. Obviously, I’m a big fan of his. My favorite movie will always be Bruno, and my favorite line will always be when he looks up at the sky and goes, ‘So many stars in the sky. Makes you think of all the hot guys in the world.’ So freaking random and funny.”

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Photo: Gotham Magazine

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