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Mark Wahlberg vs. Dwayne Johnson: Who’s more manly?


With both muscle-monsters starring in the new film Pain & Gain, it’s difficult to know who to crown as alpha male of the urban jungle. SheKnows examines both specimens.

Pain and Gain

Both Dwayne Johnson and Mark Wahlberg have evolved into iconic film stars, despite their less-than-highbrow beginnings. Johnson was known as The Rock, coming from the wacky world of wrestling. Wahlberg was a household name as Marky Mark in the early ’90s, rapping with his Funky Bunch and flaunting his package in Calvin Klein underwear ads (thanks, Calvin!).

Now that the actors have matured, which one is truly more macho? Let’s take a closer look.

Pain and Gain

A mere 5’8″ tall, Wahlberg is the male version of a “spinner,” but don’t count him out as the manliest. The boy has brains and has proved himself to be more than man meat. He’s produced several shows for HBO, including Entourage, How to Make it in America, In Treatment and the prime time Emmy-award-winning Boardwalk Empire. In the land of Hollywood, Wahlberg is one powerful dude.

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Pain and Gain

A former star of Wrestlemania, Johnson is rumored to be playing Sinbad in the upcoming film Arabian Nights. With biceps the size of canned hams, this image from the set of Pain & Gain inspires awe and mystery, as the hunk clutches a baseball bat while sporting a giant gold cross. Women love men with contradictions.

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Pain and Gain

Pain & Gain was shot in Miami, Johnson’s old stomping ground from when he played college football for the University of Miami. At 6’3″, this real-life hulk is also an author. In 2000, he co-wrote his autobiography, The Rock Says…, which debuted at #1 on The New York Times Best Sellers List.

Since focusing more seriously on acting, however, Johnson’s done his best to ditch his wrestling name “The Rock,” similar to the way Wahlberg ditched his former nickname “Marky Mark” in an effort to be taken more seriously. Their efforts have paid off. So which man do we take most seriously?

Pain and Gain

We vote for Mark Wahlberg, for his stellar choice in film roles (remember his stunning performance in Boogie Nights?), his extracurricular work as a television producer, his overall versatility (which includes his hilarious comedic performance in last year’s film Ted), and the way he was able to help reinvent the image of tighty-whities.

Pain & Gain opens this Friday, April 26.

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