Music review: Jessie Ware “Taking In Water

This late 20s singer is heading straight to the Top 10 if she keeps up her modern take on soulful R&B. Her captivating sound is apparent in her track “Taking In Water.”

Jessie WareWhat’s in a name?

I mean, so far we have Jessie J, Jessie James and Jesse James. So I would say the name is not necessarily a predictor — because they all are very different. Although Jessie J looks a bit like the type Jessie James recently went for…

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Now introducing your new favorite “Jessie” — born Jessica Lois Ware. A Brit singer/songwriter with penetrating eyes, she also projects a mature sound (a junior Sade or Des’ree), and possesses universal appeal.

Some of her singles have already gained momentum, such as “Wildest Moments,” “Night Light,” and “Strangest Feeling.”

This is quite ironic, seeing as Ware never figured she would make it in music. She told The Sun, “I thought I’d get a job in journalism or TV or something.”

What a loss that would have been given that she appears to have found her niche, and since the same source also reported she’s been called “the natural link” between heavyweights Sade and Adele.

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She released a song this year titled, “Never Knew Love Like This Before,” but my pick is off Devotion, the album released in 2012. It’s called “Taking in Water”, and it sent chills up my spine. I haven’t been this taken by an R&B song since Tamia’s “Stranger in My House.”

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It’s layered with aquatic sounds and stirring vocals — it’s not an in-your-face type of hit, more of a track you would want to play while sipping on your favorite wine. Ware’s voice is smooth velvet and her passion is evident. I gather the song is about making sacrifices to protect the one you care for. I personally found the comparison of taking in water/drowning to sacrificial protection as beautifully artistic.

Her Facebook page labels her as an “electronic/RnB/tropical artist,” but I rather wait until you listen to classify her. Check out the track and her album and give us some feedback on where you think she fits!

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