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Game of Thrones recap: “And now his watch is ended


Is anyone really free in the Game of Thrones?

Game of Thrones

Answer: No!

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Khaleesi’s army

We’ve watched Khaleesi interact with the Unsullied’s master (and salesperson) for weeks now. We read as he insulted her, but his translator left the harsher parts out. Last time, we saw her agree to trade one dragon for all the Unsullied men available. This week, we witness the exchange. As soon as the exchange is made, though, Khaleesi shows that she’d understood his insults all along. She orders the Unsullied to kill the masters and anyone who has held a whip. She also has her dragon kill his new owner. When the smoke clears, Khaleesi “frees” her army, then asks them to fight for her as free men. Of course, they all agree. Are soldiers ever really “free,” though?

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Kingslayer’s missing hand

Last week, Jaime came to the defense of his one-time captor, Brienne, and we saw him tortured in response. What appeared to be a stabbing turned out to be a be-handing. Yuck! This week, we watched the once fresh, surefooted and strong knight fall from his horse into the mud. As his new captors chide him, Jaime swipes a sword and tries to defend himself. Some of his skill is still there, but he’s far too weak from the ride and the recent loss of a hand. As awful as it is to see him so down in skill, luck and spirits, we have hope that somewhere inside him, a Kingslayer still courses through his veins.

Best part: Brienne’s response to Jaime’s whining about his hand: “You have a taste, a taste of the real world where people have important things taken from them.”

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Margaery's grandmother, Game of ThronesWhat to do with Sansa?

Sansa’s future seems to be nearly everyone’s first priority. Littlefinger swears he can get her out of King’s Landing, but the people who know him worry about just what’s up his sleeve and in his mind. A little chat with Margaery’s grandmother, though, might fix things. When Margaery and Sansa talk, Margaery suggests that Sansa should visit High Garden. She’s also dead set on Sansa marrying her brother Loras and the two of them becoming sisters. Is it really a meaningful wish, or is Margaery (just like everyone else in Westeros) just playing the game?

Margaery’s wedding

No, no. It hasn’t happened yet. The elders (including Cersei) are just planning. As Cersei and Margaery’s grandmother check out the space, Joffrey shows it to Margaery. Instead of showing her all the beautiful parts, he gloats about all the tombs of and shrines to dead Targaryens. Gross. Later, Margaery convinces Joffrey to open the doors and wave to his people. When the doors open and they stand before them, everyone is screaming for Margaery and not Joffrey. That throws him for a moment, but eventually he forces a smile and waves. Is the people’s love of his new soon-to-be-queen an asset or something else? With Joffrey, one never knows.

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Wherever you go, there you are, Theon

It’s been an interesting time for Theon. First, we thought he might’ve been killed at Winterfell. Later, we found he had been taken as a prisoner and was being tortured in a cellar. Next thing we knew, a mysterious young man came to free him. He was almost captured, again, when the same kid killed the men who were after Theon. The two set out on the long journey home. Or did they? Theon and the young man sneak into a castle through back alleys and long, dark hallways of what Theon thinks is the stronghold currently belonging to his sister. When the torches are lit, though, Theon is back in the cellar, and his supposed rescuer is blaming the deaths on Theon. What?!

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All hell breaks loose for Craster

The evil, incestuous Craster is still lodging the Night’s Watch. However, the longer the men stay in his presence, the more angry and fed up they become with his awful behavior. Sam is still especially attached to Craster’s one daughter and her new son (who will soon be left for dead out in the snow). While sitting around the fire, a few quick slurs give way to a massive fight. Sam helps Craster’s daughter and son/grandson escape, but he abandons the Night’s Watch in the process. Not good. It also looks like Craster is dead, thankfully. However, without his alliance out in the cold, just how well can the Crows fare?

Another week, another episode and a million moves made in the Game of Thrones!

Who do you think will sit in the Iron Throne by the end of Season 3?

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