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Parmalee talks the Opry, fave artists and a sweet nickname

SheKnows caught up with the country foursome at the ACM Experience in Las Vegas, where they were signing autographs and meeting fans.

Parmalee is made up of lead singer Matt Thomas; his brother, drummer Scott Thomas; their cousin, bassist Barry Knox; and childhood friend Josh McSwain on guitar.

While the band was formed in 2001, they gained success last year with their party song “Musta Had a Good Time.” Their current single, “Carolina,” is on the country charts.

Lead singer Matt explains that Carolina is “a song that defines us as a band. It’s about home and how the people you love make you feel like you’re at home when you’re with them.”

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The guys hinted at a new album, hopefully to be released in the fall.

According to Matt, the new album will “kinda take you on a ride because we have some fun party songs and then we have a lot of songs with depth and good lyrics.”

Recently, the guys played the biggest stage in country music — the Grand Ole Opry.

Matt called it an “amazing surreal exciting lifetime achievement kinda thing.”

Barry added, “I didn’t even think it was real until we got there.”

The guys were also able to answer some questions from their fans at home. We learned that Scott is the biggest texter and, not surprisingly, the most sensitive. In fact, the guys revealed that his nickname is “Sugar T.” How sweet.

The guys agreed that if the world were ending tomorrow, they would spend their last days in Vegas. Their favorite comic book hero is Superman. They agree that Josh is the funniest (even though Matt says Barry thinks he is).

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But some of the most interesting answers came when they were asked who their favorite artists are. Josh went with fellow country artists Love and Theft. Barry and Scott also went the country route, liking Luke Bryant and Randy Houser respectively.

But lead singer Matt? His favorite artist is pop star Bruno Mars, who he says has “some cool new hip music.”

I can’t wait to see if we are going to hear any of that Bruno Mars influence when Parmalee’s new album is released this fall.

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