Community recap: Christmas at Greendale

Apr 19, 2013 at 5:20 a.m. ET

It's Christmas time at Greendale which means party at Jeff's house, Abed reacting to Die Hard and our least favorite side of Annie.

Christmas at Greendale

Annie (Alison Brie) is at her creepiest... yet again. This isn't our favorite side of the straight laced 'A' student. Fantasy clinginess really isn't a good look on her. Also, Professor Cornwallis (Malcolm McDowell) returns and it makes for a great and awkward episode. That guy is awesome.

It's Christmas time at Greendale and Jeff (Joel McHale) is throwing a party at his house, which makes for the perfect opportunity for Annie to bust out her famous desperate housewife moments. She treats Jeff's house like it's her home and, therefore, like he's her husband. Is she in love with him or does she just like playing house? I can't tell anymore.

The group banded together at one point, including Chang (Ken Jeong), to kidnap Professor Cornwallis because he decided he was going to give a bad grade to the study group. Let's be honest — these students have certainly done worse things in the name of education. But, everything is on the line for Jeff. He has to pass so he can finally graduate and move on from Greendale.

As we all know, real life isn't good enough for Abed (Danny Pudi), so he tried to make this Christmas a Die Hard Christmas. When he saw broken shards of glass on the floor, he even took off his shoes to re-enact the famous and most awesome scene from the original Die Hard. Can't every Christmas be a Die Hard Christmas?

Chevy Chase leaves Community! >>

What was interesting about this episode was the entire group (including Dean Pelton and Chang) was trapped in one room for the entire episode. Plus, it all takes place in real time, as Abed obviously points out (for those of us who didn't catch on). However, Pierce (Chevy Chase) was noticeably absent. This is one of the episodes they filmed after he quit. Oh the drama.

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Some more inside scoop: Malcolm McDowell wore his sunglasses the entire episode because he had just had eye surgery. Ouch!

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