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Time‘s 100 most influential people of 2013

Only 35 of Time‘s 100 Most Influential People of 2013 are women.

Time's 100 Most InfluentialTime has unveiled its 100 Most Influential People of 2013 and we’re a little disappointed. Only 35 ladies made the list. That said, they are 35 awesome women! Here are a few of our favorites, along with Time‘s entire list.

Mindy Kaling, comedian and writer

Mindy Kaling is stunning. Not just in looks, but in her talent and humor as well. The comedian and creator of her show (which she stars in), The Mindy Project, has already reached such great success and she’s only 33. Ed Helm said it best when he wrote about her for Time, saying she “simultaneously commands respect and affection.” There’s a sweetness to her tone and humor that makes you want to be her best friend, to hug her. And yet the success she found on The Office, with her memoir and on her own show, has earned her copious amounts of respect. She’s kind of our hero. And truly deserving of this honor.

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Hilary Mantel, novelist Time's 100 Most Influential

Hilary Mantel is the brilliant woman behind Wolf Hall, its sequel Bring Up The Bodies, and many other stunning works of literature. When Wolf Hall released in 2009 it flew from shelves and left bookstores in the hands of both men and women. (A fairly rare occurrence for a book written by a woman.)

The insightful tome follows the life Thomas Cromwell, Henry VIII’s adviser who is often betrayed as cruel and evil. That’s because, honestly, he was. You’ll barely be a few dozen pages into the hefty book before you find yourself rather taken with the man, however.

Mantel has a way of getting to and painting a picture of a person that is almost unequaled in modern literature. We’re giddy with her inclusion.

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Hannah Gay, Katherine Luzuriaga and Deborah Persaud, AIDS researchers

It’s a known fact that many women aren’t drawn to the maths and sciences. Studies have shown that from an early age, girls are pushed toward the more creative fields and boys are pushed toward the more analytic fields. Funny, then, that after decades of research, it was three women who cured an HIV positive baby. That’s right, kids. They cured the baby. The three women chose an aggressive treatment. Just hours after the baby had been born to a mother with HIV, the women began to administer anti-HIV drugs. The child has now lived 2½ years without need for any medications and currently shows no signs of HIV. They haven’t eradicated the disease all together, but it’s given hope to a cause that once seemed hopeless.

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The entire list:


    • Jay-Z
    • Valerie Jarrett
    • Elon Musk
    • Oh-Hyun Kwon
    • Scooter Braun
    • Kevin Systrom
    • Michael Kors
    • Palaniappan Chidambaram
    • Ren Zhengfei
    • Ted Sarandos
    • Gina Rinehart
    • Markus Persson and Jens Bergensten
    • Igor Sechin
    • Tadashi Yanai
    • Sam Yagan
    • Shonda Rhimes
    • Lebron James
    • David Einhorn
    • Magnus Carlsen
    • Sheryl Sandberg


      • Aamir Khan
      • Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller
      • Marissa Mayer
      • Hannah Gay, Katherine Luzuriaga and Deborah Persaud
      • Bassem Youssef
      • Joaquim Barbosa
      • Vrinda Grover
      • Perry Chen
      • Roya Mahboob
      • David Coleman
      • Travis Tygart
      • Eric Greitens
      • Andrew Sheng
      • Don Yeomans
      • Jared Cohen
      • Moncef Marzouki
      • Christopher Fabian and Erica Kochi
      • Kimberly Blackwell
      • Kai-Fu Lee
      • Mary Nichols
      • Peter Theisinger and Richard Cook

Time's 100 Most Influential


    • Rand Paul
    • Noynoy Aquino
    • Barack Obama
    • Chris Christie
    • Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud
    • John Brennan
    • Park Geun-hye
    • Yair Lapid
    • Wayne LaPierre
    • Kamala Harris
    • Fethullah Gulen
    • Xi Jinping
    • Wilfredo De Jesús
    • Tom Coburn
    • Kim Jong Un
    • Abdullah Ocalan
    • Enrique Peña Nieto
    • Elena Kagan
    • Joe Biden
    • Susana Martinez
    • Mario Draghi
    • Joyce Banda
    • Pope Francis


      • Malala Yousafzai
      • Lena Dunham
      • Mario Balotelli
      • Peng Liyuan
      • Aung San Suu Kyi
      • Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde
      • Lindsey Vonn
      • Justin Timberlake
      • Gabrielle Giffords
      • Beyoncé
      • Daniel Day-Lewis
      • Kate Middleton
      • Michelle Obama
      • Li Na


      • Jennifer Lawrence
      • Christina Aguilera
      • Steven Spielberg
      • Jonathan Ive
      • Alex Atala
      • Ed Ruscha
      • Miguel
      • Mindy Kaling
      • Jenna Lyons
      • Bryan Cranston
      • George Saunders
      • Jimmy Kimmel
      • Wang Shu
      • Hilary Mantel
      • Frank Ocean
      • Jimmy Fallon

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