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Amanda Bynes goes viral: 10 recent pics and vids

Everyone is talking about Amanda Bynes’ possible breakdown. SheKnows refuses to judge the former kid star, though.

Amanda Bynes goes viral

Goes Viral

For many celebrities, silly or less-than-flattering pictures are hard to find.

They keep their private lives — and bathroom mirror habits — private. For Amanda Bynes, though, it’s just another afternoon catering to her fans.

Is Amanda just putting on a show, or should we be worried? Check out the latest viral images of Bynes.

Ani-Manda Planet

Some of Amanda’s most recent tweets have been pictures her fans have Photoshopped for her, including one where her face is planted on a Teletubby. Amanda started it, though, when she posted pictures of her face plastered on animals’ heads. At least she’s willing to have a little fun with her fans!

Amanda Bynes goes viral

Amanda Minaj or Nicki Bynes? Amanda Bynes goes viral

Our former fresh-faced kid comedian has recently been spotted with some pretty wild hair ‘dos and out-to-there lips to match. With thick, false lashes and heavy, brightly colored shadow, many people are saying she could be rapper Nicki Minaj’s body double. Add a more natural shade of spray tan and we’d agree. Nicki doesn’t, though! Minaj recently tweeted, “People are saying @AmandaBynes is looking like a white Nicki lately…more like Blac Chyna tbh” and tweeted this selfie of Amanda applying some lip liner. We guess Amanda wasn’t too offended by that, though — she retweeted Nicki’s comment!

What do you think? Does it look more like Nicki or Amanda in this photo? We think it definitely resembles Minaj. If Amanda could learn to rap, maybe she could start a career as a Nicki impersonator?

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Amanda Bynes goes viralWigged out

Another one of Bynes’ recent stunts was a series of photos in wigs (like this one). That wasn’t quite so weird: All girls like to play dress up sometimes! What’s most eye-catching in this picture, though, isn’t the fake curls. We’re way more curious about those nails! Usually when you get acrylics, you get them painted or have some sort of clear shine applied. The claws in this photo are as matte as can be and look real to us. Who needs nails this long?

It also looks like those lashes are weighing down and hiding her pretty eyes.

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Caught on camera

Amanda’s picture pimping has had us intrigued for months now. Earlier, though, she released this one-minute video, and we’re beginning to be concerned. In the video, Amanda can’t seem to unpurse her lips or fully open her eyes. Is she being cute, has she had too much plastic surgery (or used too much eyelash glue?) or is it something different altogether? Her recent rant about Complex‘s opinion on her ex, Kid Cudi, followed by this video, have us a little worried.

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Should’ve hit delete

We all take less-than-flattering pictures sometimes (or always. Ugh!). However, most of us immediately delete them. Amanda has taken another approach. She shares pretty much every picture she takes of herself (and there are a lot). These aren’t the worst pictures we’ve seen of someone (or ourselves), but we’re pretty positive these would have made it into our trashcan and not onto our Twitter page. Does she love these pictures or is she just trying to be an open book? (Who else thinks she looks a lot like Miley Cyrus in that last one?)

Amanda Bynes goes viral

Meet Amanda’s breasts Amanda Bynes goes shirtless

In Bynes’ most recent bout of overexposure, she tweeted a nearly topless picture. The photo shows her sans shirt, but in a strapless bra and leggings. And oh yeah — she’s missing half a head of hair! Along with the picture, she tweeted, “About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I’ve gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!” Seriously? We think the last thing Bynes needs to worry about is losing weight, but it’s still on the forefront of her mind. Will her quest for perfection and attention ever cease?

We wish we could confirm this is all just a stunt. We grew up with Amanda Bynes and love her to death. But each passing month leaves us questioning her intentions more and more. There are tons of rumors rolling around that we just don’t want to believe, but it’s hard to ignore them when Amanda keeps posting pictures and videos that aren’t very flattering and they just keep going viral. She’s tweeted that she no longer speaks with her family. We’re sure they still love their little girl, though. We sure do, and we’re hoping for an Amanda Bynes comeback soon.

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