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Glee recap: “Sweet Dreams

Rachel gets a callback for her Funny Girl audition, and the glee club reconnects through Marley’s original songs.

Rachel and her mother sing in Glee

This week on Glee, the aftermath of the school shooting incident has everyone going a little crazy.

The theme for regionals is “Dreams,” and Mr. Schue (Matthew Morrison) thinks the club should play it safe and go with the classics. The glee kids have a different opinion, however. They want to take a more modern approach, and Marley wants to sing one of her original songs. Mr. Schue shoots down the ideas though, even going so far as getting angry with the club. He won’t listen to their opinions.

That doesn’t stop Marley from sharing her songs. Blaine, Unique and Sam love her songs so much they encourage her to share them with everyone. Marley doesn’t want to because Mr. Schue shot down the idea. Unknown to the group, Mr. Schue overhears the conversation.

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Song #1: Emeli Sande’s “Next to Me”

Meanwhile, Finn (Cory Monteith) is partying hard in college. With Puck “auditing” classes, the duo is having the time of their lives focusing all their attention on girls and booze. They even agree to join a fraternity. Meanwhile, Finn’s grades are suffering.

Mr. Schue finds Finn at college and tries to apologize. He asks Finn to return to McKinley to help with the glee club. Finn refuses.

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Song #2: Beastie Boys’ “Fight For Your Right”Shelby helps Rachel in Glee

In New York, Rachel (Lea Michele) is prepping for her Funny Girl audition by embodying everything Barbra Streisand. Shelby (guest star Idina Menzel), her mother, shows up and tells her to be herself.

Not only that, Rachel calls Finn for some much-needed advice. He also encourages her to stick to her roots and be herself. This advice leads Rachel to sing an old classic at the audition. It’s the first song glee club ever performed: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin’.”

Rachel gets a callback for the show.

Song #3: Mervyn Warren and Jeff Marx’s “You Have More Friends Than You Know”

When Puck finds out Finn has missed two tests for one of his classes, he decides it’s time for an intervention. Puck tells Finn that he can’t mess around with his education. Puck admits the two are having a blast, but Puck encourages Finn not to lose focus. He tells Finn to be the best teacher.

This encourages Finn to make amends with Mr. Schue. He tells Mr. Schue he’ll return to help with the glee club. He even gets college credit. The two finally make up.

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Song #4: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin'”

Back at McKinley, Coach Washington has taken over as head coach of the Cheerios. She calls in Becky and Blaine to her office, suspicious of the two of them in the wake of Sue’s firing. Becky is acting strangely, which motivates Blaine to talk to her. He wants to know if Becky has more information about the shooting. This only causes Becky to get angry and insist she doesn’t know anything. Blaine doesn’t seem to believe her.

Song #5: Glee Cast’s “Outcast”

Mr. Schue apologizes to the glee club and even tells them he’s decided to have the class learn one of Marley’s songs. The group reconnects and is now poised to take on regionals.

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