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The Vampire Diaries recap: “Pictures of You

Killing Elena with kindness doesn’t work, so the Salvatore brothers decide it’s time to try inducing another emotion: fear.

Bonnie, Matt and Elena attend prom in The Vampire Diaries

I have to say, picking out my dress for prom was probably more exciting than the actual event. It’s good to know I’m not alone. Caroline, Elena and Bonnie don’t fare too well on their big night either tonight on The Vampire Diaries. Though I can’t say my best friend tried to kill me or that my two hottie dates spent the night trying to remind me how much I love them.

The anti-belle of the ball

After Elena (Nina Dobrev) steals Caroline’s dress, she hops in the limo with Damon (Ian Somerhalder) and Stefan (Paul Wesley) for prom. She only intends to go so she can help Rebekah secure the cure. The brothers are trying to kill Elena with kindness for the evening in hopes that she’ll turn her emotions back on. Elena thwarts attempt after attempt. She knows what the brothers are up to.

Instead of affecting Elena, the brothers’ plan has the opposite reaction. Stefan admits he still isn’t over Elena, and Damon starts brooding over what could have been — with alcohol, of course.

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Bonnie’s magic has a mind of its own

Meanwhile, Bonnie is having visions of Jeremy. Turns out, Silas is messing with her mind so she sees him. Even with the prospect of being reunited with Jeremy, Bonnie refuses to help Silas. Silas explains that Bonnie needs him, otherwise her magic will take on a mind of its own. Bonnie will no longer be able to control it, and she will suffer as a result.

Rebekah is attending prom sans all of her vampire abilities. Elijah makes her a deal. If she can go one day without using compulsion or her other abilities, he’ll give her the cure. Rebekah goes to prom stag but desperately seeks Matt’s attention and approval. Rebekah tells Matt he is the ideal human, and she wants to be like him.

Silas has the cureElena at prom in The Vampire Diaries

When Elena bites April’s neck, leaving her for dead, Matt gives Rebekah the opportunity to act with humanity and compassion. Matt asks Rebekah to give April her blood. Rebekah initially refuses. Doing so would mean breaking the agreement with Elijah. She would be giving up the cure. Eventually, Rebekah agrees and helps April, saving her life. Matt thanks Rebekah. He promises not to tell anyone that Rebekah used her abilities. The two make up and have a perfect moment of awkward/flirtatious eye contact.

The moment is ruined by Klaus, however. He shows up at prom and overhears Rebekah admit she used her abilities. Klaus uses Rebekah’s desperation to be human against her. While Rebekah is at prom, Silas takes on her identity for Elijah. Elijah unknowingly gives Silas the cure.

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Elena wants to kill Bonnie… literally

As Elena’s plan to thwart Silas fails, she comes up with her darkest plot yet. If she can’t stop Silas, she’ll stop his witch. That means killing Bonnie. When Elena tries, however, Bonnie stops her. Not only does Elena choke on Bonnie’s blood, Bonnie also starts breaking Elena’s bones. Stefan and Damon barely stop her before she kills Elena.

Instead of the usual after-prom events, Stefan and Damon drag unconscious Elena back to their house and lock her in a cell. Reminding Elena of happy memories didn’t work. They turn to their last resort plan. The brothers are going to use fear to make her turn her emotions back on.

Bonnie goes to a cave and meets with Silas. Silas shows her his true face, which was destroyed by Qetsiyah so no woman would ever love him again.

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Tyler returns just for prom

Not everyone’s prom night is ruined. Tyler shows up to meet Caroline at his house. He tells her he never would have missed prom with her. The two share an intimate dance before he says he has to leave again.

Klaus receives a letter from Katherine. She knows of a witch named Jane in New Orleans who has information that will rattle him so deeply that chasing Katherine will be the least of his concerns. Welcome to the premise for the spinoff show The Originals.

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