LeAnn Rimes is "secure," not anorexic

Apr 17, 2013 at 2:53 p.m. ET

LeAnn Rimes says she's in a healthy place, both in her relationship with Eddie Cibrian and her relationship with food. So why did she lose so much weight in the first place?

LeAnn Rimes denies anorexia rumors

Think LeAnn Rimes is too thin? You're not the only one: The 30-year-old singer admitted to the U.K. Daily Mail that she was too skinny for a while. However, it's not because she was starving herself.

"People said I was [anorexic], but I didn't have a problem with eating, as I ate a ton all the time — I could eat my husband under the table!" she said. "But I was going through a time when I just wasn't sleeping — my mind wouldn't shut off and my heart was breaking."

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The difficult time she referred to was her much-publicized hookup with now-husband Eddie Cibrian — and the fallout from their cheating scandal. However, a few years have passed and she's in a better place.

"Now I'm secure about my body, although I'm like any other woman and have my moments of self-doubt. But it's nice to have a husband who tells you you're beautiful all the time," she said of Cibrian. "I'll say to him, 'I've gained a few pounds,' and he'll say, 'Good!'"

"It just gives you another level of confidence," she added of her hubby's compliments. "But being in this business, I've noticed that image-wise, it's definitely worse for a woman."

Is her newfound peace a result of her 2012 rehab stay? It seems like it: Rimes told the Mail that she doesn't let the haters bother her anymore.

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"I have considered staying off [social media]," she said. "But I've basically just learned to deal with the criticism. The people who do it hide behind a computer screen and don't even show themselves and it's interesting to have people judge you but have no idea about who you really are and what you're all about."

"I did stop [tweeting] for a while but then I was like: 'Screw this! I don't want to stop communicating with my real fans.' The block button's a great thing — if you talk crap to me, I'll just block you!"

Probably a good idea, LeAnn!

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