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Another celebrity sex tape: Buckwild‘s Shae Bradley & Jesse J

What’s going on with the reality stars at MTV? There’s reportedly another sex tape being shopped around involving Buckwild stars Shae Bradley and Jesse J.


Another day, another sex tape. MTV is having a hard time with some of their young stars keeping their clothes on and the video cameras off. It’s not Teen Mom’s Farrah Abraham we’re talking about. This time, it’s Buckwild stars Shae Bradley and Jesse J.

TMZ broke the news on Tuesday that the on-again, off-again couple’s bedroom romp is being shopped around. The tape is being described as “trailer park sex,” which TMZ described as “nothing fancy, down and dirty and a tad tacky — she doesn’t even take her shirt off.”

Bradley did speak with TMZ and she admitted that the tape does exist. She said, “Yes there is a sex tape and I regret making it with someone who I obviously couldn’t trust and [who] is looking to exploit the relationship we had.”

The intriguing part of the whole story is that the Buckwild producers reportedly knew the footage existed before Season 1 even aired. The couple was told to keep quiet about the tape’s existence.

However, everything seemed to change with the death of co-star Shain Gandee and the cancellation of the show. Now that the money has stopped coming in, it’s possible that either Bradley, Jesse or both of them are looking for some additional revenue.

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MTV executives certainly have their hands full since Abraham is causing quite a stir with her reported sex tape with porn star James Deen. It’s become a battle as the two on-screen lovers wage their case for the tabloid cameras over the sale of the footage.

Abraham even went as far as to insult Deen’s manhood by telling a TMZ cameraman that “his [Deen’s] penis is small.”

MTV might want to offer a few public relations tips to their young stars on how to handle their careers and their money. It would prevent them from making sex tapes to cash in on their fame the wrong way.

Image courtesy of MTV

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