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Bill & Giuliana Rancic are Ready for Love

Bill and Giuliana Rancic sit down with SheKnows to talk about their new show Ready for Love, how they keep their own relationship fresh, and maybe even spill a secret or two about where this season is going!

Bill Rancic Giuliana Rancic

Everyone is looking for love it seems, and Bill and Giuliana Rancic are no different. They may have already found it with each other — the couple have been married since 2007 and have a son, Duke — but that doesn’t mean they can’t help others find their own best mate.

On Ready for Love they are doing just that for three lucky bachelors, and they sat down with SheKnows to spill all their matchmaking secrets.

SheKnows: I heard you were just in Hawaii! You’re a busy couple so I know it was well-deserved. How was it? Did you really manage to avoid working entirely?

Guiliana Rancic: Hawaii was wonderful — it was great to get away with Bill and Duke and our friends. I don’t think I ever avoid working entirely — I love my job, but I did manage to cut back.

Bill Rancic: I never in a million years thought I would be hosting a matchmaking show — it is interesting where life has taken me. I am not sure if Mr. Trump will tune in — I certainly hope so.

SK: Despite having your marriage plastered all over the media, your relationship continues to seem as strong as ever. We know Giuliana recently said you two put your relationship before the baby. What else do you think helps with making a marriage last, especially in Hollywood?

GR: In general, good communication helps make a marriage work. We try to have “check in” meetings where we discuss what is working and what needs work in our relationship. As far as making it work in Hollywood, we try not to get caught up in that lifestyle and having Duke and our families around help keep us grounded and in tune to what is most important.

SK: Since your marriage seems so solid and Ready for Love is a matchmaking show, will we see much relationship insight from you two?

GR: You will see some insight from us but the shows focus is on the three bachelors and their developing relationships.

SK: One major difference between Ready for Love and other matchmaking and dating shows is the sheer amount of people on the show — three bachelors and 36 girls! How quickly will the prospects be narrowed down?

GR: It depends on the episode, but I feel the prospects are eliminated fairly quickly and we get down to business right away. With 36 girls in the mix we have every personality you can imagine!

SK: Be honest (but, of course, coy). Do you have a favorite contestant? What made you pick her? How quickly did you choose her? Will she end up winning?

GR: I think we have our favorites and we chose them because we thought they were a good fit for the guys. We definitely put our own matchmaking skills to the test.

SK: One of the bachelors is super cute Plain White T’s frontman, Ben Lopez. Does that mean we’ll see anyone get serenaded?

GR: Hmmm… You will just have to tune in and see!

SK: I think it’s pretty cool that one of the matchmakers is a guy (Matt Hussey)! What insights do you think a male matchmaker can offer to the bachelors that maybe one of the women couldn’t?

GR: Well, Matt can obviously offer a different point of view than the women can. He is able to add his own male perspective on the couples, which creates a whole new dimension to the show.

Can Bill and Giuliana cut it as matchmakers? Decide for yourself on Ready for Love, Tuesdays at 9 EST on NBC.

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