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Revolution recap: “The Night the Lights Went Out in Georgia

This means war — officially. The Georgia Federation isn’t taking Monroe’s threats lightly.

Rachel is apprehended by the Militia in Revolution

Revolution opted not to air a new episode last week in the wake of the Boston Marathon bombings. Probably a smart move since the episode revolves around the rebels trying to apprehend a bomb before Monroe (David Lyons) detonates it.

Monroe finds out Neville has fled. He also discovers Neville’s son may be with the rebels. Monroe doesn’t think he can trust anyone. He even goes so far as to kill Neville’s second.

A dying soldier returns with a note for Miles (Billy Burke). It says that Monroe sent the nuke to Atlanta. Miles thinks Monroe will use the nuke on the Georgia Federation. Nora says if they could find the nuke, she might be able to disarm it. Nora and Miles, with Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos), head to Georgia. It is Charlie’s first time outside the Monroe Republic.

The downside to turning the power back on

Rachel and Aaron are searching for a woman named Dr. Jane Warren. According to Rachel, Jane knows the tower better than anyone. They need to find her to have any hope of turning the power back on.

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But when they find Jane, she isn’t keen on helping Rachel. In fact, the nanites have the power to keep people alive. Jane’s partner Beth has survived cancer all these years because of a nanite capsule implanted under her skin. Danny had one, too, which is the capsule we saw Rachel pull from his body.

Turning the power back on means getting rid of the nanites, which will effectively kill Beth. Jane won’t help Rachel. Until Beth tells her to, that is. Beth insists Jane give Rachel the information she seeks. Jane finally consents and hands Rachel a book.

Charlie leaves the republicCharlie in Revolution

The Georgia Federation is rich. They even trade with Europe and have steam engine cars.

Miles, Nora and Charlie pretend to be Georgia soldiers to get into Atlanta and travel without being noticed.

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During their search of the city, Miles finds a knife. He recognizes the blade. In fact, he gave it to a boy named Alec who he trained while he was part of the Monroe Militia. Alec became like a son to Miles.

Miles realizes Alec is the one carrying the nuke.

Miles fights for good

Miles tracks down Alec and a confrontation ensues. Miles tries to tell him that what he did to Alec was for the good of the Monroe Republic. Alec doesn’t believe him and the two fight.

Just before Alec kills Miles, Charlie shoots Alec in the shoulder with an arrow. Alec confronts Charlie about her relationship with Miles. He tells Charlie not to trust Miles, even suggesting she ask Miles about his actions against Charlie’s mom.

Alec is able to get away. He shoots a soldier, leaving Miles with the body, just as soldiers from the Georgia Federation arrive. The soldiers think Miles is responsible for the death and take him to the president.

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Turns out, Miles and the president have a history. She’s mad, just like every other girl on the show, for something Miles did to her in the past.

Still, in the best interest of the Georgia Federation, she forgives Miles.

Miles is able to kill Alec just in time, which keeps him from detonating the nuclear bomb.

The Georgia Federation president wants Miles to become a general again with a few hundred of her troops. She will attack Monroe from the outside, while Miles attacks from the center. Together, they will take down Monroe.

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