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Battle of the flicks: Oblivion vs. To The Wonder

Just as To The Wonder opens wide this weekend, sci-fi flick Oblivion has the potential to be a blockbuster hit. So, should you feed your inner romantic or channel your inner sci-fi nerd at the movie theater? Tough call!



Tom Cruise stars in this sci-fi dystopian story about a futuristic Earth that’s been ravaged by an alien invasion.

Scavengers called “Scavs” now roam the planet, but are they as dangerous as everyone thinks?

Cruise, Olga Kuryenko and Andrea Riseborough give stunning performances in this film that’s full of amazing IMAX visuals. The story however, starts out strong but gets a bit confusing about half way through. This certainly shouldn’t deter any die-hard sci-fi fans from seeing it.

Here’s what some other gals thought:

Catherine Bray of said, “Oblivion’s leading man is as dependable as ever, and can sell an action set piece like few of his contemporaries. A shame that the film, while pretty, is somewhat ponderous, and ultimately fails to cohere into a narratively satisfying whole.”

Ali Gray of said, “Convincing as a crowd-pleasing action blockbuster while containing all the necessary requirements for solid science-fiction, Oblivion casts its net wide but only falls short of greatness when it comes to its drab script, lacking the necessary wit or eloquence to elevate the exposition.”

Louise Keller of Urban Cinefile said, “Elements from Total Recall, Solaris and Moon orbit the narrative of this heralded, overlong Tom Cruise sci-fi action thriller that does its best to dazzle by its myriad of special effects, videogame-esque sequences and a plot that pretty well succeeds at confusing itself.”

You can read my full review here:

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To the Wonder

To The Wonder

Ben Affleck plays a man torn between two women, unable to commit to either.

This movie is about as “art-house” of a film as you can get. Director Terrance Malick (Tree of Life) uses visual landscapes to stand in for emotional states and mental fragility.

Basically, the film is lovely to look at, but has very little dialogue and will probably leave most audience members disappointed.

Check out these reviews from other women:

Betsy Sharkey of The Los Angeles Times said, “Between the style and the substance, it is likely to leave some loving the film, others loathing it, probably for many of the same reasons.”

Nell Minnow of said, “If you thought Tree of Life was too linear and accessible try this pointillist tribute to sun flares, often lovely, sometimes provocative, always obscure.”

Lisa Kennedy of The Denver Post said, “‘To the Wonder’ sketches Neil, Marina, Jane. It makes their yearning, hurts, melancholy atmospheric. Their love is attractive and vague. Too often, the movie has the feel of a Calvin Klein “Eternity” ad.

But you can always read my full review:

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Movie of the week


The SheKnows movie winner of the week is Oblivion for its futuristic, sci-fi world that excites visually.

Photo credit: Oblivion courtesy of Universal and To The Wonder courtesy of Magnolia Pictures.

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