Aw! Shakira brings baby Milan to The Voice

Apr 12, 2013 at 5:20 p.m. ET

You'll never find truer insight than that of a child. Maybe that's why Shakira brought baby Milan onto the set of The Voice?

Shakira brings baby Milan to work on The Voice

It's never too early to instill a love of music into your baby... or to set him on his intended career path. Shakira's insanely hot boyfriend, footballer Gerard Pique, would probably prefer that baby Milan grow up to play footie for Barcelona, just like his padre. However, it looks like The Voice's sexy new coach and international sensation (with hips that don't lie) has different plans for her baby boy. Like, maybe a stint as a coach on The Voice's 40th season, after he's grown up quite a bit and found himself as successful musician in his own right?

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A mama can dream. And prepare. It looks like that's exactly what she was going on Thursday when Shakira showed up with 11-week-old Milan on her lap for the taping of the newest episode of The Voice.

OK, OK. It's a lot more likely that her babysitter was sick or she just wanted to spend some quality time with that precious pipsqueak. And who could blame her? We wouldn't want to set that cutie down, either.

Don't let those sweet cheeks fool you, though. According to Shakira's tweets, Milan was one tough critic. He watched intently during one performance and his proud mama said he seemed "intrigued." During another, though, Milan grew fussy and his working mom tweeted, "Uh oh, I don't think he liked that performance!"

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After helping his mom put the contestants in their places, what's next for Milan? Our guess is one long nap. If you ask us, he and his hard-working mommy both deserve one.

Shakira and Usher have breathed fresh air into the music-inspired contest and we love watching them interact with Blake and Adam. These latest shots of Milan were just icing on the cake. We adore Christina and can't wait for her return, but if they wanted to keep Shakira around, too, we certainly wouldn't protest!

Shakira brings baby Milan to work on The Voice

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