Mad Men dating advice: He said, she said

Our buddy over at eHarmony sat down and dissected Mad Men to offer up a little dating advice for all our lovely, single readers. It’s nice to know what men are thinking, but we’ve got to be true to ourselves. One of our writers also chimed in for a little “he said, she said” dating advice. Enjoy!

Dress like Joan Harris…
 Joan Harris and Don Drapper

Pickup lines

He said:

In between whiskey sips and cigarette puffs, the gentlemen of Mad Men tend to be rather promiscuous. Sleazy one-liners were all the rage in the male-dominated ’60s, as this video suggests.

Back in the ’60s, “Anybody mind if I take my pants off?” would have been shrugged aside as charmingly sweet. “I’ll give you a go-round like you’ve never had,” might have seemed devilishly romantic. A tip, though: “Can I have some of your hair?” is creepy in any decade.

There is a considerable school of thought that might think pickup lines in any era are a bad move. Rare is the female who goes weak at the knees at the sound of “Did it hurt when you fell from heaven?” Use with extreme caution in today’s enlightened times.

She said:

Ladies, there only two circumstances where it’s OK to respond positively to a pickup line. One is if he looks like Don Draper. The other is if he’s clearly being a goofball and immediately apologizes for the lameness. It needs to be a good pickup line, though. Something unique, ridiculous or somehow related to the moment. (Maybe a “Kiss me, I’m Irish” kind of thing on St. Patrick’s Day.)

As for employing pickup lines on guys: Use sparingly. On Mad Men, you rarely see the main girls putting themselves on the line to score a date. Guys like a girl who’s a little bit forward sometimes, yes. But all those women who have hit on Don? They’re always the temporary fixes. There’s no magic pickup line that can make a guy fall for you, any more than there’s one that can make you fall for a guy.

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